Annnnnnnnnnnndddd We're back!

Ace: Back in business now. Had to have a little time to cool the jets (I get really frustrated really easily) and work on this god forsaken art. 

but I feel like what little I did draw, I improved, also I merged old and new styles on Sylux to make his new/old look. (Brought back his trench coat but changed the color for his shirt)

And he’d been busy



busy (woops weren’t suppose to see that .-.)

But him and the crew are back


and I’ve decided that the only askable characters will be the 3 endermorph’s. The other’s will just be characters in the story (which I’m still working on Dx) until stated otherwise. 

I also revamped the blog again. I made it wayyy simple relative to what I previously had it (had no idea what I was doing with that theme) so it should be a lot easier to navigate. Anywho I’ll be getting back to those asks asap!