Anyone who’s followed West from day one will know that his public bell-Endery is incremental to his talent over the past 11 years.

most people see a full on cunt. but, usually, they’re the opinionated cunts who wouldn’t know The College Dropout from his current joint

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is not only his best album, but it ranks highly amongst the greatest of all time.

Fantasy is the sound of an artist firing on all pistons.

Rose: I bet it’s gonna be cute~
Enderi: since when are dragons cute?
Rose: one of my friends is a dragoon.
Enderi: is he a boy?
Rose: yup. Oh he also asked me to a Erm.. Galla I think it’s called.
Enderi: I do not approve.
Rose: hehe well I do and I said yes.
Enderi: he better be nice to you.
Rose: he is~


Not quite sure I want to stumble upon an enderman or enderwoman.. I’d fear they would I dunno bite my head off. The only enderman I trust is Enderi but alas I can’t seem to find where he disappeared off too. ;-;

Suli au len
Le je le fanilé jenti
Amen zun don
Antwo daltan
Felice se li

Ovinue le
Enderi me suva
Ovinue le
Enderi me sutrim

Twee de da da, de
da da twee da twee
Da de du da, de
twee da

Suli au len
Le je le fanilé jencli
Amen zin don
Antwo daltan
Felice se li mue
Wilo samwe
Melindaatje li mue

—  Expliration (Coraline soundtrack)