i’m really glad this turned out as it did because the sketch made him look so ridiculous that i was afraid this drawing was doomed. luckily i think it wound up ok!

i listened to this remix pretty much the whole time i was coloring it i don’t know why but i can’t stop listening agh

and here’s a matching zoey!


Not quite sure I want to stumble upon an enderman or enderwoman.. I’d fear they would I dunno bite my head off. The only enderman I trust is Enderi but alas I can’t seem to find where he disappeared off too. ;-;

ask-meta-and-mike-and-friends said:

rose comes into the house with food and toys for kyle

Enderi was out in the garden with Kyle. He was helping plant some flowers. Deadeye was watching some tv and turned around as he heard Rose come in. “Oh hi. He’s in the garden with Enderi.” He said pointing to the door in the back.