i’m really glad this turned out as it did because the sketch made him look so ridiculous that i was afraid this drawing was doomed. luckily i think it wound up ok!

i listened to this remix pretty much the whole time i was coloring it i don’t know why but i can’t stop listening agh

and here’s a matching zoey!

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i'm an artist that has adhd and depression this hinders my ablity to do any creative work. I'm either too tired and low of endery to do anything i enjoy even though i really want to draw and write. How can i overcome this?

Sometimes just starting will get you going. Even just one mark on the page can be enough.

Are you in treatment for your depression? Studies have shown that a combination of medication and talk therapy has the best outcome, though medication alone also has a great track record, and talk therapy on its own works really well too. The common denominator for this is that the person is doing the thing that works for them and sticks with it for as long as necessary - average seems to be about two years. Speaking from my own experience with ADHD and depression, getting treatment for my depression made a huge difference to everything else in my life, including how well I was able to deal with my ADHD.


Followers, what do you suggest?

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rythian's entire character is based around being a mage with an intense hatred for science... lol

(I assume this is about my post about Rythian and Ridge never meeting idea, if it’s not im sry I post a lot of Yog nonsense)

While yes Rythian’s character in Blackrock has an intense hatred for science, it isn’t explained HOW he came to hate science so much. there are tons of headcanons (ones that I love and have adopted onto my own Ryhthian ideas) that he was a failed YogLabs experiment, when they tried to merge human and endermen and left him scared mentally and physically. this explains why he hates science (its science’s fault he is all endery and messed up) and endermen (the endermen part of him makes him less human. plus the other endermen consider him an abomination.)

plus as well religion (which in Minecraftia is assumedly Church of Notch) isn’t exactly a mage’s point of authority either. mage’s focus on skill, intelligence training in the fine art of all magicks, not praying to a dainty with gloriously well moisturised skin


Not quite sure I want to stumble upon an enderman or enderwoman.. I’d fear they would I dunno bite my head off. The only enderman I trust is Enderi but alas I can’t seem to find where he disappeared off too. ;-;

Send some asks!

If you need a reminder of my characters I’ll put there names down bow!
Lily is a dragoon she is roses first daughter, Rose is a halfbrine, Herobrine also know as HBK is well a Herobrine along with being roses real father, Steve is a wraith or well he’s technically a demon I guess, Kyle is roses son he is 10 and an enderman, Mass is a krogen who lives with roses and everyone else. Deadeye and Enderi are brothers, deadeye is more hostile but can been nice. Enderi is chill and likes nature.