723. A photo-savvy muggleborn brings all their pictures of favorite characters to Hogwarts and figuring out how to enchant  the photos so they can talk to them. They end up starting a business where they charm photos cheaply in Hogsmeade after graduation. It’s like a 24 hour drugstore where they develop photos, but they also make separate packets that are enchanted!

*Best Reunion Part II: Being with Meryl and Maks after the show only reminded me of how much I miss these two, and how much I want them back on the dance floor. When I asked Meryl if she’ll come back to dance again, she told me, “Yes, I will.” Now, whether that means she’s going to, or she wants to, remains to be seen (Maks, I think much of that depends on your availability, so just do us all a favor and say, ‘Yes.’) The two were inseparable after the show ended, and asked me to take photos of them by the judges table. But my favorite? This one that I managed to capture without them knowing. Whatever they were, are, or will be doesn’t matter, but I wish for you all to have a Meryl or Maks in your life—that person that gets you, adores you, and is there for you—always.

*Best Reunion: The one with Maks, Meryl, Charlie, Amy, and Danica. The former season 18 contestants were thrilled to see one another in the ballroom. Amy Purdy told me she’s having the time of her life being on tour with Oprah, but she and Derek still haven’t had their Oprah lunch yet (guys, if you’re waiting for me to join in, that’s beyond kind of you. I’m free after next week). Charlie White and Danica McKellar both congratulated each other on their engagements over the summer. Charlie told me that he and his fiance, Tanith Belbin, just got another dog as well. “It’s getting serious!” he joked.

okay wait no I started blogging today by praising Moffat so I’m gonna end it that way

I just pieced this together — hold your applause — while reviewing the things I’ve reblogged today and it’s really important:

a big reason I love Moffat is because, if he can — and he’s clever, he usually can — he will find a way to let you know what a character masturbates about. like he understands it’s important and also funny. he really knows his characters and his priorities seem to align with mine so that pleases me

like he writes a script, right, and I dunno if it’s a thing where he’s like, ‘whelp, where am I gonna hint at this masturbation stuff,’ or if it just happens organically, but he makes sure it’s there eventually. maybe it started like the former and ended like the latter. like maybe he’s written for long enough, and has hinted at masturbation long enough, that he just sits back and trusts his process. and lo and behold the masturbation coding just happens, like it’s just the magic of creation doing its thing. or maybe he doesn’t set out to do it at all, but it just always happens, and he chuckles to himself like, oh steven, we’re doing this again, are we? and he’s like, yeah, haha, we are, and I’m awesome.

he is an enigma, we may never know

but this in a world where you’re not supposed to be like, HEY! MASTURBATION! like Steven Moffat sees that and he’s like NO. I AM THE CHANGE I WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD

that’s fucking inspiring, I don’t care

I’m not high btw

and like his characters’ sexual issues are usually tied to love and fear and it’s SERIOUSLY FUCKING BEAUTIFUL I’M NOT JOKING his characters are really human and vulnerable

I’m not sure I can think of a show where he hasn’t done something like that, that’s great. like could I potentially make a rolodex of Moffat characters and list what turns them all on?? that feels feasible, I don’t have the time with all this other stuff tho

wait he did like, that dog movie? maybe he didn’t do that there. I didn’t see it.

…but maybe he DID do that there too because that would be fucking funny, like if he wrote an episode of Sesame Street it would probably let you know Burt likes Ernie to choke him during sex and it would totally go over everyone’s head if they weren’t looking for it. so maybe he did it in the dog movie too. that seems within the realm of possibility. do I want to know what Steven Moffat thinks a dog masturbates about? yeah probably ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

like I know he says he avoids Tumblr because everyone is so mad all the time, but I hope he knows there are people in the world who are like, hey. i get what you were saying about this character’s dick and his feelings and shit. I feel that. keep up the good work.

and maybe there’s a sticker or something, that’s always nice

I hope he’s having a good day. like maybe he’s deciding what his emmy masturbates to, that sort of thing.

imagine Moffat being like, “as a mental exercise, I often imagine what my friends and colleagues masturbate about”

cool stuff.

A+, would speculate about again

Surat Ghafir (Quran 40:20-23) on 17th Century Book of Quran at a Canadian Museum

[And Allah judges with truth, while those they invoke besides Him judge not] …with anything. Indeed, Allah - He is the Hearing, the Seeing. Have they not traveled through the land and observed how was the end of those who were before them? They were greater than them in strength and in impression on the land, but Allah seized them for their sins. And they had not from Allah any protector. That was because their messengers were coming to them with clear proofs, but they disbelieved, so Allah seized them. Indeed, He is Powerful and severe in punishment. And We did certainly send Moses with Our signs and… [a clear authority]

Hello friend, I was just stalkinglooking around your blog when I noticed this in one of your drawings… And I was just curious as to whether this was a one time thing or accidental? Sorry if you’ve already explained this a million times already but curiosity has always been a weakness of mine. 

OHOHOHO YEAH surprisingly no one noticed that, but it is 100% on purpose! At this point in the story, Lewis has been through a lot and has plenty of scars from his less then successful fights.

Let’s just say he got too impatient to end things and get home, which lead to him hanging off the side of an airship and Israphel…

anonymous said:

I agree, your URL is not racist and nor is your blog. However, your blog does seem to be prejudice against white people. I personally do not think being prejudice against any race will help end racism, which is why I'm going to ask this: Why are you prejudice against whites? Do you think it will end racism?

Well, being nice to them hasn’t changed anything so I’m trying a different approach

when you wake up and it was a twisted dream


when she doesn’t like your cobain shirt


when she’s got a job in the city


when the way she looked was so ridiculous


when she won’t stop loving you again


when you don’t find her in the library


troyetopia said:

troye and tyler were having a day off. troye wanted to have nice blue hair like tyler's so he went to the salon to dye his hair blue. but then the barber dude messed up and instead, he shaved all of troye's hair off. in order to help his friend, tyler shaved off his pubes to replace troye's hair. the end.

the best story in existence.

Should animals be permitted to hunt and kill other animals? Some futurists believe that humans should intervene, and solve the “problem” of predator vs. prey once and for all. We talked to the man who wants to use radical ecoengineering to put an end to the carnage. A world without predators certainly sounds extreme, and it is. But British philosopher David Pearce can’t imagine a future in which animals continue to be trapped in the never-ending cycle of blind Darwinian processes.

are you fucking serious.


LFW Spring 2015: Burberry Prorsum

The Burberry girl goes casual for the new season in looks inspired by a British garden including floral and insect motifs. I especially loved the opening look worn by Malaika Firth which was a play between luxe and casual that many high-end labels have been dabbling in lately.

OMG my taobao order has arrived in the Chinese office so now I just have to pay international shipping!! A couple of the things I wanted ended up being out of stock (including the shirt that was the whole point of the order) but I am just going to find them from other sellers another time cos I want this stuff to arrive!! From top left - AA cord skirt replica (like £2.50!!), shirt for Calum, gingham shirt with big collar for me, BALLOON DOG BACKPACK!!!, cool nature t shirt + girl keyring, pens, another shirt for Calum, beret (cos I lost one that I used to wear a lot…this is brighter in colour than I expected but it was like 20p), tree / stripy socks for Kate, SO MANY socks for me (instruments / cool patterns / vegetables / skateboarders) !!! Will defo do a “haul” video of this stuff cos I am obsessed with watching them



A crowd, such a very large crowd. He wouldn’t greet them individually, he didn’t have the time for that. Whoever decided to answer him first will get his attention. “What do you need?”

tyrioncoeurdelion said:

That insane theory about Joanna being alive and using obsidian candles (yeah, NOPE) reminded me of something I wanted to ask you, apologies if you've answered something similar before: Do you think the Joanna in Jaime's dream was actually ghost!Joanna or a figment of Jaime's imagination, and why, of the Lannister siblings, do you think it was Jaime that dreamed of her/she appeared to?

Hi! If I’m being really honest with myself, I would reluctantly have to admit that the experience was most likely Jaime’s imagination. Nothing was said that Jaime didn’t already know, deep down. 

As to why Jaime dreamed of his mother … I think the point of that dream is this question that Joanna asks: "The question is, who are you?" This is the point of Jaime’s story. Who is he? Jaime is not on a redemption arc because killing (including killing Cersei at the end of the books) is not an act of redemption, but Jaime is on an identity arc, where his narrative is Jaime defining / redefining himself. He’s (literally) halfway between the Lannister shield and the white Kingsguard shield in the White Book, and he has to decide which is him.

Will he define himself as a Lannister, someone proud and who hates being laughed at like Tywin, someone who kills Cersei and is ultimately killed by her (either literally or figuratively)? Jaime contextualizes everything in terms of his family members, so I don’t think it’s surprising that this defining question is coming from his mother, in a meta-textual sort of dream. Can he redefine himself so that he exists without them?

Or will he be able to redefine himself as a “true knight” of the Kingsguard and survive the series? It will be absolutely necessary for Jaime to define himself as something other than Lannister if he is to survive the narrative.

Personally, I am certain Jaime is dying with Cersei, but the jury is still out on that one.