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anonymous asked:

Imagine Rapunzel ordering Sebastian to help comb her hair.

                               golden tresses mirrored the sunlight’s never-ending reign.   the creak of the  DOOR  was heard,  &  the princess inhaled the crisp  AROMA  of mint &  forest greens.  rapunzel had  NEVER  truly understood how  CALMING  was it to be  ALONE  with him.  '  yes, milady ?   '  he spoke out,  allowing a smile to form on the  PRINCESS'  lips. 

                                     it  ALMOST  seemed comical,  on how she  NEEDED  him most of the time.  when there was rapunzel, there was  SEBASTIAN.  that was how it worked :  —————————-    it played out  FANTASTICALLY.    in an attempt to  MAINTAIN  her composure,  the young woman huffed,  tilting her  CHIN  up.  most events she’d  BEEN  invited to,  royalties  HELD  their pride up as much as they  HELD  their head up high.  to see  HERSELF  in such a ridiculous manner,  rapunzel chuckled,  tossing  BLONDE  locks behind her.   —————————  

                                       ❛        don’t just stand there.  

                                     eyes  FLUTTERED  close,  exhausted,  &  definitely  ENJOYING  his attention,  rapunzel  RECLINED  on her seat,  biting back a smirk.   —————   

                                                ❛      do what you do best. 
                                                                      i order you to make me
                                                                       &  my hair look pretty.      


I’m never letting you go. All I ever wanted was you.


Frary meme | Favourite kiss [1/2]

"There are rumours about all royals. You know what they say about you? Half of Europe thinks that you’re sickly and weak and stunted."
"That half-blind portrait artist didn’t realise that I was sitting in a chair while my sister was standing and now, half of Europe thinks I’m a dwarf."


Wait for me.

I’ll wait for you.


robert’s rebellion, also known as the war of the usurper, was a rebellion against house targaryen, primarily instigated by eddard stark, jon arryn, and robert baratheon, for whom it is named. It lasted “close to a year” and resulted in the end of the targaryen dynasty in the seven kingdoms and the beginning of robert baratheon’s reign.

(requested by jacaerys)