You stopped short in the doorway, the triumphant grin that had been on your face the whole drive home fell away as you saw Sam, Dean, and Cas’ expressions drawn in worry and anger.

“So you’re alive then,” Dean said flatly.

“Safe and sound,” you replied, trying to pull your smile back.

“Because you could have fooled us,” he snapped, his tone giving away his anger now. “Sam’s been checking every damn hospital in the area for hours.”

“I couldn’t find you, Y/N,” Cas added. His blue eyes were stony.

“Demons had the place warded,” you explained. “But it’s ok…I won–”

“You don’t win hunts,” Sam interjected. “You survive them. And you survive them by being safe, not by sneaking out by yourself in the middle of the night.”

“I’m sorry I worried you guys,” you said meekly.

“Worried is an understatement,” Dean said. You looked between the three of them and how their faces were drawn tight still even though you stood unharmed before them. You walked to them, then, and pulled them to you in a messy group hug. And though they were still upset about the stunt you’d pulled, all three of them fell into it, clutching tightly to you, relieved that you were back at all.

x x 

this young guy walked up next to me on the street this morning and grinned and said, “it feels good to be home!” so i asked him where he was coming from and (still grinning) he told me he’d just done a week on Riker’s Island. “They got me for playing my music on on the train. I never thought I’d see Far Rockaway again! I was on the A looking at the water and everything. I’m so glad I’m home!” so I dapped him up and told him welcome home and that I was glad he was back. He said he stays with his boy and that he was gonna surprise him now by coming home this morning. I don’t know who he is, but I’m happy he’s home, too.


Since so many people still haven’t seen the live action “Rurouni Kenshin” films, here’s a fight scene to whet your appetites and wet your eye-vaginas.
It’s a bit spoilery and by “a bit” I probably mean “a lot” as it’s from the third film and is pretty much the penultimate showdown.

But it gives you an amazing taste of what you’re missing out on. Honestly, without exaggerating, the “Rurouni Kenshin” trilogy features the greatest swordplay ever filmed. EVER.

Find the films. At all costs. Sell your effluvia drizzled underwear online if you must. Get them. Treat your brain to three of the best martial arts films to come out of Japan in ages.
If you can’t find them, come to my house and watch them.