Outlaw Hunt House 2 by Universal Pops (David)—Badly Needs Bandwidth on Flickr.

The Outlaw Hunt House, listed in the Oxford Historic District, was added to the National Register of Historical Places April 28, 1988 with ID #88000403.

Okay I was rewatching fairy tail again and can we all acknowledge that THIS IS NATSU. ‘Cause like, the dragon says: “the dragon slayers, who has been given too much power, killed even the dragons who wished to live peacefully with them.”


"And there was one man among the humans who bathed in the blood of too many dragons. I fear to even say that name. He continued to destroy dragons  and bathe in their blood. Presently, his skin turned to scales, his teeth to fangs… HE TRANSFORMED INTO A DRAGON HIMSELF.


It seems like everyone is getting their happy ending, and then there’s us…i mean, what happened to us? God I miss us. I really hate you for taking it all away from me, and I hate you for leaving me vulnerable and open, just waiting for it to happen again with someone else. So many false starts, so many unanswered questions…I feel like it’s just this endless cycle, it’s just over and over again and i don’t see the end anytime soon…ever since you left, ever since you walked out of my life…god i miss you…
—  Velicious09.tumblr