Sending messages full of words that aren’t really thought through just typed straight from the heart.
Connected to so many kindred spirits, which I love but sometimes I wish they could hear my encouragement. So that I could tell them over and over again, until they had no choice but to believe it.

You are magnificent.
You make a difference.
Your heart reaches across the rivers that people use to keep others out.
Your spirit shines light into the dark.
Your struggle is for a greater purpose.
Your story is worth shouting about.
Your persistence is inspirational.
You are beautiful in every way.

You are changing lives.
You make a difference.
You are magnificent.
You are loved.

—  I want to speak so that you hear my heart

I seriously camt get over the fsct that you degriended me because im in a happy relationship right now

Like seriously?? We were fucking friends and back when i had feelings for you you were being so back and forth with me flirting one day then ignoring me the next and telling me you liked other people. Did you expect me to put up with that bullshit? You should have said something when you had the chance instead of toying with me because you thought i would stay. That doesnt work on ke anymore, sorry. Ive been hurt aand played with too many times and i wasnt going to play any other stulid games anymore. and i dont see what the big deal is if youre the one that pushed me away! Itd not like i stopped being your friend, because i didnt. I still talked to you and gave you hugs and messaged you and futhermore i encoursged you to go after the girl you supposedly liked! But no, that wasnt enough for you was it? Did you want me to be heartbroken that it wasnt me? Did you want me to try and talk you into dating me instead, although i had already found someone who cared about me and who i cared about as well?? Well, sorry things didnt work out the way you wanted. And sorry i didnt realise our friendship only existed because of a stupud crush.