Kiyoshi Okada is a math student with interests in logic taking a break from college in California. His blog, enchantedconsole, started as a research blog where he was writing an automated theorem prover. His blog became a GIF blog when he was experimenting with different ways to visualize the data he was creating and began creating data strictly for aesthetic purposes.


Round up!

A big thanks to enchantedconsole who had sent me the solution quite early but I missed it for some reason … So I’ve simply added ‘r’ to the sin() expression in the map() function and it works (final code here)! 

Thanks to the others too, especially for explaining how to create loops using t=frameCount/maxFrames.

Some of you wrote really detailed answers which I have to study now!

One thing is for sure though, the P5 community rocks :D 

PS. Dave from beesandvombs also send me the the code for the original GIF that had started my quest ;)

PPS. I’ve used to ellipses (fill but noStroke) for those ‘doughnuts’ because using only one ellipse (with noFill but stroke) would have resulted in a jittery animation. Seems like strokes cause jitters?

Hey everybody, I’ve been putting gifs up here for awhile now and I have a decent number of followers. I love you all. I recently left college and put applications in to some other schools. In the meantime while I wait for responses I’m looking to have an adventure. Do any of you live in an interesting place, have a free couch/ floor and want to hang out?