How to make an enchanted water spell. 

1. Fill a bowl with a little salted water (sea salt) 

2. Light a coloured candle which corresponds with the outcome you want from the spell the meaning of the colours are below. Place the candle where the flame is reflected into the water.

Candle Colour Meanings:-

White: A balance of all colors; Spiritual enlightenment, cleansing, clairvoyance, healing, truth seeking; Rituals involving lunar energy’ May be substituted for any color candle. 

Yellow: Activity, Creativity, unity; brings power of concentration and imagination to a ritual; use in rituals where you wish to gain another’s confidence or persuade someone, or in rituals that require solar energy. 

Gold: Fosters understanding and attracts the powers of cosmic influences; beneficial in rituals intended to bring about fast luck or money, or in rituals needing solar energy. 

Orange: Creativity, ability to speak one’s mind, ambition, career matters and the Law, self-confidence. Solar color and also stands for Leo. 

Pink: Promotes romance, friendship; standard color for rituals to draw affections; a color of femininity, honor, service, brings friendly, lively conversation to the dinner table. 

Red: Health, passion, love, fertility, strength, courage, will power; increases magnetism in rituals; draws Aries and Scorpio energy. 

Silver: Removes negativity and encourages stability; helps develop psychic abilities; attracts the influence of the Mother Goddess. 

Purple: Power, success, idealism, psychic manifestations; ideals for rituals to secure ambitions, independence, financial rewards, or to make contact with the spiritual other world; increases Neptune energy. 

Magenta: Combination of red and violet that oscillates on a high frequency; energizes rituals where immediate action and high levels of power or spiritual healing are required. 

Brown: Earthly, balanced color; for rituals of materiel increase; eliminates indecisiveness; improves powers of concentration, study, telepathy; increases financial success; locates objects that have been lost. 

Indigo: Color of inertia; stops situations or people; use in rituals that require a deep meditational state; or in rituals that demand Saturn energy. 

Royal Blue: Promotes laughter and joviality; color or loyalty; use to attract Jupiter energy, or whenever an influence needs to be increased. 

Light Blue: Spiritual color; helpful in devotional or inspirational meditations; brings peace and tranquillity to the home; radiates Aquarius energy; employ where a situation must be synthesized. 

Blue: Primary spiritual color; for rituals to obtain wisdom, harmony, inner light, or peace; confers truth and guidance. 

Emerald Green: Important component in Venusian rituals; attracts love, social delights, and fertility. 

Dark Green: Color of ambition, greed, and jealousy; counteracts these influences in a ritual. 

Green: Promotes prosperity, fertility, success; stimulates rituals for good luck, money, harmony, and rejuvenation. 

Grey: Neutral color useful when pondering complex issues during meditation; in magic, this color often sparks confusion; it also negates or neutralizes a negative influence. 

Black: Opens up the deeper levels of the unconscious; use in rituals to induce a deep meditational state, or to banish evil or negativity as in uncrossing rituals; attracts Saturn energy.

Red and Black (Double Action) - remove a love-jinxing spell 

White and Black (Double Action) - to return evil to the sender 

Green and Black (Double Action) - remove money-jinxing

Red and Pink (Double action) - Brings love and passion

3. Write on a piece of paper your desire, with a coloured marker or a pencil while visualizing the thing you want. (use a colour that corresponds to the outcome) 

4. Wait for the writing on the paper to evaporates or fade. 

5. The spell is now cast, now pour the water and paper into the earth. Either by burying or into a natural stream of water such as a river or the sea.

The best time to do this would be if it is something you want to expel from your life do it on a waning Moon, if it is something you want to bring into your life do it on a waxing or full Moon.

  • kat:theyre gonna get married
  • kat:do you henry
  • kat:take enklaiel
  • kat:to be your lawfully wedded hooker
  • jane:in the butt
  • jane:yes I do
  • kat:JANE NO
  • jane:do you enklaiel
  • jane:take henry
  • jane:as your lawfully wedding scandal-wracked politician?
  • kat:in the butt
  • kat:its ruined
  • kat:you ruined
  • jane:the latter: yes; the former: I do not believe in monogamy
  • kat:it
  • kat:its sanctity is shattered
  • jane:oh excellent
  • jane:en-chan wouldn't have sanctity any other way

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thevaultdweller said:

I don't think think goal #2 deserved half a thumb. You guys executed a block with a lot of enchanments, but only the third set had the enchantment "hook," possibly risking that the block won't even be remembered for its enchantment theme; and the third set definitely stole potential from the second. I think the lessons learned will stick better if you acknowledge that it wasn't the right execution and try to find a better balance for normal 3-set blocks in the future.

Enchantments were a major part of the block. I get that people wanted “enchantment matters” as low hanging fruit is tasty, but that doesn’t negate all the enchantment goodies in the block.

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Pommes meringuées

La fin de l’été approche peu à peu,

Avec le temps de la cueillette des pommes de nos jardins.

Voici une recette gourmande à souhait à partir de celle mon amie Camille

Pour utiliser ces fruits de saison,

A déguster avec une tasse de thé.

Il suffit de couper une dizaine pommes en quartier.

Les disposer ensuite dans un plat à gratin, saupoudrer d’un peu de cannelle.

Les recouvrir d’un appareil à…

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