Sick Headcanons

Yumoto: When Yumoto’s sick Gora is there, almost like an overly anxious parent, because Yumoto wants to keep going and going but Gora is just worried so he calls the Earth Defense Club to come over to help. En and Atsushi remark on how much of a child he looks like but brings him some soup. Ryuu and Io however are just kind of there laughing it up alongside their senpais.

En: Oh gosh, if you thought he was bad before he’s even worse. En is absolutely HOPELESS when he’s sick, and of course his first agenda is to call Atsushi over who knows the drill. Brings all the food and proper medicines, he helps him up out of bed and stays with him while he sleeps. However, En takes advantage of his sickness to be cuddled at night. Atsushi also is stuck feeding him and…bathing him? I’ll leave this here.

Atsushi: Atsushi getting sick is pretty rare, but when he gets sick it’s pretty bad. So En freaks the fuck out! He calls everyone and over and after Atsushi is dosed and given medication he still can’t help but worry. He stays with him while he sleeps holding his hand which is more of a self assuring thing than helping Atsushi.

Io: Also a pretty rare case often sits up tapping away at his tablet and tries to lower his stocks and such, Ryuu however aggressive in nature barges in and snatches it out of his hand and practically forces him to relax. In which Io pouts like a giant baby. But, Ryuu manages to bribe him and offers to give him the tablet back for every hour he sleeps. Io may not like it too much and refuses to get medicine or go to the doctor in fear of a bill he is relieved he as Ryuu to nurse him back to help.

Ryuu: If Ryuu got sick he’s beg for Io and the others to get a cute nurse to take care of him but Io shakes his head knowing that wouldn’t help anyone and instead, for Ryuu’s sake. Hires the best doctors and gets the best medicines for Ryuu and though he doesn’t show it secretly is worried and gets a bit irritated when Ryuu takes too long to get better.

Ore Wa Kyukyoku Taiman Shugisha!!
  • Ore Wa Kyukyoku Taiman Shugisha!!
  • En Yufuin (CV: Yuichiro Umehara)
  • TV Anime "Cute High Earth Defense Club Love!" Character Songs 01: Battle Lovers Songs - Love Shower!

Binan Koukou Chikyuboueibu LOVE! Character Song CD1 美男高校地球防衛部LOVE!キャラクターソングCD1

En Yufuin (CV: Yuchiro Umehara) - Ore wa Kyuukyoku Taiman Shugisha!!