In my painting class at Columbia, I decided to use a cubist style for my most recent oil piece. It started as a still life of an empty spaghetti jar, a clementine, and a cinnamon container. It is still in progress.

Cubism is considered a 20th century avant-garde art movement. Varieties of shapes and angles are formed to fit and make a rather abstract sense of depth, while retaining a flat image. Some of the considered founders are Pablo Picasso and Georges Barque. Viewpoints in Cubism are looked at in a few different phases: Analytic, Synthetic, and Sculptural. 



Artist: Emily Dahlquist
3.5 ft. x 3.5 ft. Charcoal Portrait of Albert Einstein. 
Actual Duration: 4 Hours, 10 minutes. 
(Dedicated to Jeff Dahlquist)

Filmed/Edited: Matt Serey

Songs in Video: 
Glory Box by Portishead. 
Halying by FC Kahuna