Great Documentary on the Evolution of Emergency Medicine in the United States.

Today’s (QUICK) lesson, we cover subdural hematoma! So basically, its a collection of blood on top of the brain. As for the nice little GIF above, that entire jello-like goo is one huge blood clot! Which interestingly enough was caused by a needle sized leak. Generally a patient will show Cushing Reflex who is in the deep terminal stage of trauma. Generally it will show as a huge number in your BP, a reduction of the heart rate, and irregular respirations.


I’m honestly curious what EMS was doing, as an EMT, I’m appalled this is the standard of NY EMS. I want to see the patient care report, what the hell were they doing? the next charges that should be pressed should be pressed against the EMTs and paramedics who responded for Gross Negligence.

 Never checked for lung sounds on a clearly altered patient. Even if she felt a pulse, a pulse isn’t the only indicator. EMS had a duty to act, and breached that duty by failing to open and maintain a patent airway

Why EMTs burn out:
  • Long hours
  • Little pay
  • Multiple agencies
  • High call volume
  • Consecutive high-stress calls
  • Aggressive and combative patients
  • Other EMTs, Medics, Nurses, Firefighters who don’t play nice
  • Public has no concept of what we do
  • Shitty portrayal in media, people don’t know what to call us.