Falling For Emeralds

Emeralds are always beautiful but this season the shade is all the rage.  This luxurious green compliments all the darker hues of Fall 2012. No matter what you’re wearing, be sure to add a touch of emerald to make your outfit pop. Here are a few of our favorite things that make us green with envy!

Jason Wu Fall 2012: These pumps are to-die-for! The leather trimming and green patent leather are enough to make anyone look you down then up.

Lanvin Fall 2012: Lanvin set the catwalk alight with classic Victorian jewels and darker shades. Don’t be afraid to bling out this fall.

Blossom Box: These Haute Mumbai Razia Earrings are a personal favorite for Fall. It’s classic sophistication with a contemporary edge.

Red Carpet Style: Charlize Theron recently rocked the red carpet in a Dior Haute Couture gown complimented with emerald accessories. Emerald jewels adds glamour to any all-black ensemble.

Blossom Box: Another favorite at Blossom Box are these stunning Haute Mumbai Zarin Earrings. Clearly a must-have for Fall.

YSL: The Y may be gone but we still have O-M-G! These Fall 2012 pumps (above) are a winner and the you can’t go wrong with the YSL Chyc signature clutch (below).

By Ashlene Nand for Blossom Box Jewelry.

personal-bentobox asked:

Emrald, shadow, salmon, scarlet, black, wild blue yonder, sea green! c:

wow I love these crayon names they’re so cute-

Emerald: Favorite thing about yourself?

mm, today my favourite thing about myself is how comfortable I feel!
I have some work to get through right now, and some stressful things to deal with tomorrow-
but today I can sit in the sun and slowly work through that speech I have to edit, those shakespeare lines I have to memorize, that story Tommy gave me to read, that book I really like. <3 

Shadow: Name of crush?

I go to school with him, his name is Oliver~~~~ (We’re good friends, I’m only calling him a crush based on instincts that I haven’t thought too hard about, but that’s fine ^w^)
I think if you like someone, even if it’s only a little, even if it only lasts a few days, it’s still nice to… acknowledge? man idk I don’t know where I was going with that ignore me

Salmon: Place you wish to live or visit?

I really want to go to Japan, because wow doesn’t it just sound like the coolest place
and I’d love to go back to London again-
(I just got back from my second trip to New York too, and it’s still as incredible as I remember~~~)

Scarlet: Favorite book?

oh no
this is a tough one- 
The book I’m reading right now is really nice actually (although I’m not very far in so who knows); it’s called The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt! 
And of course Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, and Lord of the Flies by  William Golding :D
The Book Thief by Markus Zusak is incredible, as well as I Am The Messenger (also by him)- 
don’t talk to me about books unless you have a few hours to spare-

Black: Favorite season?

I love this time of year (today), where it was still raining like the world was ending a week ago, and this is that first break of sunshine everyone was looking forward to. 
Also fall of course, right when you’ve gotten sick of the endless summer heat and there’s that chilly breeze when the leaves change colours and spill on the streets like coloured pencil shavings, giving you an excuse to pull out the scarves, the mittens, the toques, or just cuddle with the one you love. <3 

Wild Blue Yonder: Favorite movie?

I actually really liked The Maze Runner! (I saw it twice, and I like it more than the books haha) 
Favourites, favourites… 
Spirited Away, The Perks of Being A Wallflower, The Polar Express-
Surprisingly I don’t watch movies all that often, but I do use them as an excuse to get out and be social! (hey, want to watch that really obscure movie no one’s ever heard of? k cool)

Sea Green: Favorite animal?

Wolves, for sure (call me hipster trash you wouldn’t be wrong- NO SHAME)

aaaaaaaaaaa thank you very much for sending these!!!! 
I had a blast <3 

Friday #fotd Spring Emerald Eyes

Friday #fotd Spring Emerald Eyes

Its Fri-yay baby! I am really grateful this week is over, and I am looking forward to the weekend. I have a fun look of the day post for you. Using some colorful liner and nude lips, perfect for spring!

Everyone is probably tired of me constantly using cream products on my eyes, and I swear I use more than just cream shadows guys, but they have been rocking my makeup desk! I’ve been loving these…

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