I started working on this video shortly before season 2 began. I was all hyped up and I worked on it pretty hard, but then I got kind of tired of it because animation takes a long time. So I kind of left it alone. Over a year passed, and I decided to post the unfinished version, which was about half a year ago now. A lot of people liked it, and since I wasn’t doing anything much since it was winter break, I decided to go and try and finish it up. School started back up again so that stopped me again, but now I’ve finally gotten the time to complete it, so here it is!

Hope you like it! Please follow me for announcements of future projects and convention appearances!


I made a song in FL Studio

I’m imagining Marshall Lee singing the Ramona song from Scott Pilgrim, but replacing the name with “Fionna”. It fits really well.

I liked the idea of him floating upside down over Fionna. I realized my idea was pretty similar to the promo sketch for Nightosphere. But I drew it anyway.


The Return of Queen Chrysalis

In honor of the recent end of the first comic’s arc, and because Katie Cook and Andy Price will be at Big Apple Ponycon, I drew this. For anyone who hasn’t read the comic, I highly recommend it, it’s really good! This piece will be available as a print at Big Apple Ponycon.