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A toast... xx

Well, as I sit here with my half full glass of rosé I think it’s a time to say thank you. Thank you to those who love us, who are always there for us. Also we must thank those who wind us up, anger us, and make us feel low, because even though we may find then annoying they help us to define ourselves. This past year I have changed, I am sure we all have. These changes have come from people hating me, being mean to me, or from those that I love throwing their problems at me and needing me to be strong enough to help. My glass is half full, my life is just beginning, I am still growing and learning, and my mind is a glass waiting to be filled. Since this is my first toast I think it is relevant to ask you to talk to me, and have patience, I am fallible, I am a man, and I am always going to be an empty wine glass - please fill me up with your life, I cannot wait to hear from you. Yours, Freddie Flipside xx

     With a resigned sigh, Pepper glances at the time on her phone, her other hand curled around her half-empty glass of wine. She’s been sitting by the window for over an hour, watching the skies for any sign of Tony returning from the op he left on early this morning. 

     He’d promised he’d be back in time for dinner, because it’s date night and they haven’t had one in a couple of months. Things have been so busy between his Avengers duties and her CEO duties, and she can’t remember the last time they actually had some time to spend together, just the two of them, without interruptions. She’d be even more pressed to remember the last time they actually had sex.

     There’s a burst of light in the distance, and she quickly drains the rest of her glass before moving closer to the window. Its definitely him, home at last, and she allows herself a brief smile that he’s alive. She returns to her spot on the couch, pours herself another glass of wine, and settles in to wait.

James Baldwin. That empty glass of wine belongs, I assume, to the person who took this picture. Those blankets on the grass, I assume, belong to those moments or perhaps those couple hours prior where Baldwin and his friends were likely laying down, digesting lunch, enjoying an occasional breeze, saying little. That leg on the right belongs to the person Baldwin is listening to while his face warms in the sun. I keep thinking,  I wonder if that’s Baldwin’s listening face? Or is that Baldwin’s listening face when he knows his photograph is being taken?

Grace & Alexander || In Need of A Friend

Sitting at her kitchen table with an empty bottle of wine and an equally empty wine glass, Grace stared at the polished wood of the table. Joshua had called off the wedding earlier today, telling her about his now pregnant mistress. He was going to go with her, start a family, live out her dream with someone new.   

"We’ve tried to get pregnant Grace… for months now… You know what the doctor said… it won’t work. I want a baby Grace. I want a family." Josh confessed with pain in his voice. Grace had expected them to get through this together. She had expected them to hold onto one another, for richer or poorer, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health. But apparently her not being able to have a baby was something he couldn’t forgive her for and needed to find someone new.

With a tired sigh, she pulled out her cell phone and sent a text to her friend Alex, knowing that if anyone, he could cheer her up.  ‘Can you please stop by tonight? I really need someone to talk to…’ She sent to him, chewing on her lower lip as she fought back tears of sadness. She hadn’t told her family about the wedding yet, she wasn’t ready for the questions, the tears or the 'Oh honey, I'm so sorry' she was bound to get. For now, all she wanted was a friend who wouldn’t ask a lot of questions and just let her cry freely. Alex was that friend.

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Whoo~ Another milestone hehe 100 oneshots for Youngjae. I reached Himchan’s 100 last time too. So now it’s just Jongup and Zelo left! Hope everyone is doing well. 

Warning: Explicit Content 

            “God, he had the balls to just roll over and fall asleep. He’s a shit lay and a shittier boyfriend.” She slammed the empty wine glass, the sixth of the night, onto the table. “I hate him.”

            “Then why stay with him?”

            “Because he at least pays the rent.”

            Youngjae scoffed and unfolded his legs. It had been a long night and the position was getting tiring. “That’s always a good reason to have a scumbag around.”

            “I liked him once, you know,” she continued. Her speech was surprisingly steady and her gaze when she looked at him, unwavering. “I must have to have stuck around.”

            “I never knew what you saw in him.”

            But she was already back on her rampage of complaints. “I’m pretty damn sure in the multiple times we’ve had sex, he’s probably let me cum only five times. Gosh, and he’s a dragon breather too. He never has the decency to hold his breath even for a second, no. Always, it was him breathing in my face. He wasn’t very nice either. Sometimes, he’d have these stupid fantasies and even if I tell him that it’s lame, he’d make me do it.”

            She snorted and Youngjae laughed quietly. “Man, I think I’ve heard you complain about your sex life at least once a week since you started dating him.”

            “What sex life? It’s not exactly sex if it’s just him getting all the goods, is it?” She rolled her head back and groaned. He watched her, never knowing exactly how to respond when she got like this. They were friends, but his feelings always hung on a delicate balance between friends and wanting to walk away because liking her was too much of a pain.

            She glanced over at him. “You know, you always had that habit of biting your fingernails.” Unconsciously, Youngjae had started doing it and he pulled his hand away.


            But she got up and swayed to him. “Hmm, I was always curious. You’re always biting. I wonder what else you’re good at biting?” His eyes widened as she slid onto his lap.

            “What in the world?”

            “Shh,” she held onto his shoulders and started to grind against him. She was staring at him and Youngjae swallowed.

            “But you have a boyfriend.”

            “We broke up.”

            The matter-of-fact away she said it made him smile despite his still remaining inhibitions. “Oh? Since when?”

            She started to pepper his neck and jaw with kisses. “Since I decided that he was an asshole and I liked you better.”

            The severity of what they were doing hit him and Youngjae started to pull away. “Wait, I don’t want to be some cheap lay or whatever just because you’re unsatisfied with your love life.”

            Her lips came over his. “Youngjae, shut up.”

            He did for a while as her tongue slipped into his mouth and explored. Her hips were still moving and he grabbed onto her ass to hold her there. She sucked on the middle of his bottom lip and pulled away. “You know, if you hadn’t been dating that other girl, I would have confessed to you.”

            His heart thudded and she stood up to yank down her shorts. “I’m not drunk, you know. I know exactly what I’m doing. I know you like me. Daehyun told me. And I really, really like you.” She pulled her shirt over her head and climbed on the couch. “Youngjae, say something.”

            The look in her eyes, both defiant and vulnerable, made him sad. She shouldn’t have to think that she was asking for something he didn’t want to give her. He looked at her and pushed her down. “How about I show you what a good orgasm can be?”

            Youngjae bent his head and kissed her, roughly this time. Her hands went around his neck and he bit on the sensitive skin below her ear. The moan that came from her made him grin. He’s always liked her but circumstances made them always unavailable to date. The fear of unrequited love also kept them from pushing past friendship. But now, she was offering herself to him and Youngjae was willing.

            Her hands went to his jeans and she pushed the button through easily, pulling them off his legs. He kneaded her breasts as he kissed her, biting on her skin along the way. She arched into his touch and he smirked. “Really? I didn’t even do anything yet.”

            She let him tease her, taking one nipple into his mouth, sucking on it, letting it go, then moving to the other side. His fingers trailed up her leg and near the junction between them but never quite touching her there.

            It was only when she nudged him away that Youngjae stopped. “What’s wrong?”

            “You’re too slow,” she complained. Now that he was in a sitting position, she swung her leg over and straddled him. “Hold me.”

            He held onto her hips as she lowered herself onto him. He watched as her lower lips spread to accommodate him and swallowed. He’s had other girls take the lead before but none of them looked at him the way she was. Her eyes were on him as she swiveled her hips and raised them again. As she came down on him once more, he thrust upwards and she gave a gasp of surprise.

            Youngjae smiled, a little deviously, as he held her to him and thrust deeply inside her. Her body was angled downwards toward him and he bit on her earlobe. “I told you I’d show you. You’ll have plenty of time later to have your fun.”

            She held onto him, crying out his name as he rolled his pelvis against hers and kissed her swollen mouth. Her breath was now coming out in tiny puffs and he bit on her shoulder as she pressed herself harder against him.

            Her orgasm ripped through her and Youngjae was panting as she tried to control himself. He wanted nothing more than to slam his cock into her but he waited until the convulsing waves of pleasure subsided before searching for his own release.

            She was breathless when he pulled out. Her eyes were glazed over and there was an euphoric smile on her lips as she held her arms out for him to take. “Wow,” she breathed. “Wow.”

            Youngjae smirked as he kissed the sweat that rolled down the side of her temple. “Never complaining about your sex life again?”

            She shook her head. “Never.”

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Fakerbatch has a good pic of Ben and Sophie at the GG’s… http://fakerbatch.tumblr.com/post/109229599348/ucbutudonotobserve-a-gothic


I can’t believe that people still think this woman is pregnant. Who in the hell drinks on camera when they are with child?!?

I’ll tell you who… someone who is either CRAZY or NOT PREGNANT.

Suck it, nannies!


Actually, that’s not the best one.  There’s another one (leaving for work right now, no time to find, will later) that is WAY more obvious.  Like it’s right in front of her and 1/3 full.   So yeah.  That!

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"You're a bloody idiot."

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"You’re a bloody idiot."

“I thought they’re dating?” Brenda said while watching Thomas and Newt arguing in the hallway, and Minho slowly filled the half empty glass of wine.

“They are,” he confirmed the fact. “For… half a year?”

“Yeah, half a year,” Teresa confirmed, sipping her own drink. “Time flies.”

“Feels like yesterday when I introduced the greenie to our little mother hen,” Minho chuckled and offered Brenda a re-fill. She nodded silently and returned back to the scene unfolding in front of her.

It seemed serious, somehow. They weren’t yelling, or making a drama, just… it was like a crackling static floated around them, ready to explode with a single spark. If she hadn’t known them, she would have thought they were rivals, ready to pounce and hit each other.

“He called him a bloody idiot?” she pointed out in a low voice and Minho snorted.

“Their form of sweet talk,” he informed her. “You’ll get used to it. Newt is a lil daft with these love things. Like telling Thomas he loves him or something? Doubtful.”

“So he calls him an idiot instead,” Brenda raised an eyebrow and Minho hummed in agreement.

“Like I said. Daft.”

Brenda sipped her wine thoughtfully. Her relationship usually was filled with sweet talk, being called a cutie pie, darling or honey. But an idiot? That sounded like something she would slap the partner for. Surely they…


One more look towards the hallway told her that indeed, it worked for them. Although the kiss looked more like a bedroom material than a public scene.

Would It Be Worth It Down The Road?

Such a noble act, leaving your own husband for him. Did you ever stop to think… Would it be worth it down the road?" Khetana narrowed her eyes, listening to Lyre’s answers very carefully. She was still feeling the woman out, not entirely sure how she felt about her.

Lyre walked closer, setting her half empty wine glass on the table edge. The petite, 4’9” woman tilted her head back so that she could try to stare up into Khetana’s eyes. Her hands rested on her hips, feet apart. A confident stance. “What business is it of yours what happens later down the road with he and I?” There was little time for the woman to interject before Lyre continued. “I may have spent seven years with the circus but fortune-telling has never been my forte. I can’t predict the future. I can’t predict what will happen and I sure as fel can’t measure it’s worth. I do know one thing, and that is what I want in that future, and what I want in that future, in my future, is him.”

Khetana peered down at the woman, listening to what she had to say with an arched brow. “You’ve got a little spunk in ya too," she murmured. Reaching out she’d gently pat the woman atop the head a few times before returning her hand to her lap. "Calm down now.

Khetana grinned from ear to ear. ‘I’m not a threat to you for now… You make him happy and that’s all I really care about, even if I find his taste in women to be…. Interesting." She scrunched up her nose some. "Blondes…" She’d shudder and shake her head. "I just needed to make sure you weren’t just using him. From the looks of it, you’re not.” She’d sigh deeply, rubbing her temple. “Just keep him out of trouble, yea?" She said, peering at Lyre with narrowed eyes once more.

We are speaking about the same man, right? There’s no keeping him out of trouble,” Lyre said with a guffaw of laughter.

Khetana shook her head, smirking. "Oh, I know that all too well…" she would murmur. "Just try and keep him from getting into too much trouble… If he does manage that you can always come and find me,” she’d chuckle lightly.

Shifting her weight from one foot to the other Lyre countered. "I doubt that’ll be how it plays out. Clearly, you’ll be the one finding us, oh dark and mysterious stranger.”

If I’m not already there when it happens.” Khetana winked playfully.



(shaddup, I know the picture isn’t blonde but the FC expression is perfect)