blatant-bitterness said:

"I love you."

»: An odd woman who appeared to be a little more mature than the detective was…she came to reveal a confession of love? Wait a minute…now she could recall the events with Marie-san…this woman was from the Velvet Room, Margaret. But wait…she mentioned she loved the detective…how is that even possible? As far as having connections, they have yet to make an encounter so how could anyone love someone without fully speaking to them? It didn’t make sense to her at all…this was just a prank wasn’t it? Fidgeting inside her mind, she wondered though if it was possible to fall for someone in the Velvet Room or rather if she could leave easily. Her presence appeared to be fleeting from time to time but…it may be possible. With that thought in mind, Naoto finally made a full response but spoke in a calm tone.


“Margaret-san was it? Well I appreciate the confession of love you have for me but…I believe if we are to engage in any sort of relation as that, perhaps a bond could be made first. After all, it is bonds itself that ties a person to another regardless of where they are, where they come from or…any relations they might have in regards to their existence. Do you agree with my terms?”


empressmargaret replied to your post: puts spider on head

Margaret casually reached over and took the spider from atop Fuuka’s head. In one fluid motion, she dropped the arachnid on the floor and her heel came hurdling down in an instant. Destroying the spider underneath her booth. It was eerily fast.

Fuuka opened her eyes slowly and looked at the attendant and gulped. “Y-you… th-thank you so much for doing that for me.”