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A racist exhibition is being shown in London on the 23rd to the 27th of September called “The Human Zoo”. Here’s a section written by the petition’s founder:

"This piece of work by Brett Bailey has been toured around Europe sparking protests and outrage by anti-racism campaigners. Now it is coming to London, and I’m calling on the Barbican not to display it.

I’m a Black African mother from Birmingham. I campaign and work with my community to try to breakdown the stereotypes that black people have to struggle against in society on a daily basis. I want my children to grow up in a world where the barbaric things that happened to their ancestors are a thing of the past. We have come a long way since the days of the grotesque human zoo - we should not be taking steps back now.

If Brett Bailey is trying to make a point about slavery this is not the way to do it. The irony gets lost and it’s not long before the people behind the cage begin to feel like animals trapped in a zoo. One of the actors in his piece said “How do you know we are not entertaining people the same way the human zoos did?”

Bailey himself sounds unsure as to the impact of this work. In an interview with the Guardian he says: “For all I know, I could look back at Exhibit B in 10 years and say, ‘Oh my God, I am doing exactly what they are accusing me of.”

Please join me in calling on the Barbican to withdraw the racist Exhibition “Exhibit B- The Human Zoo” from showing at the Barbican”

Here are some links and videos for more information:

Reparationist, Jurisconsult, dynamic community advocate and radio Broadcaster Esther Stanford-Xosei speaks about why this exhibition is inherently racist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0PWjgsOU0JY

The petition’s founder Sara Myers talks about why she started the petition in the first place and is planning a protest in front of the Barbican: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RuQxdZy33oQ

Here’s an informative article on the history of Human Zoos for a historical background: http://www.popularresistance.org/deep-racism-the-forgotten-history-of-human-zoos/

It would be amazing if you all can put this onto Twitter and bring awareness with the hashtag #stopthehumanzoo or #boycottthehumanzoo

Please even if you live in another country please can you sign this petition and get rid of another branch of 21st century racism. Here’s the link to the petition: http://www.change.org/p/withdraw-the-racist-exhibition-exhibition-b-the-human-zoo

As Martin Luther King Jr says “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”

7 Things That Women And Girls Of Color Can Do To Love Themselves More

I was one of the only black girls in my grade throughout most of elementary school, middle school and high school. I’m going to be honest: That definitely effed me up a little bit. It wasn’t until I was 15 years old that I began to stop thinking I was a different, cooler, more acceptable kind of black girl compared to other black people, people I was rarely around in the first place. It’s so tough to stop internalizing negative stereotypes about yourself and your racial and/or ethnic background, but the rewards of feeling proud of who you are is absolutely worth it.

Blurred Lines:

A song that supports and embodies rape culture, all the while flaunting and sexualising females, who are all over the men. 


A song that supports and embodies feminism, self empowerment, all the while flaunting the beauty and sexuality of females, sexualising themselves with no men involved. 

I wonder which song got the positive fucking reaction. 

Not the right one.

"A piece of my mind.

Some men live their lives in paradox.

They want a virgin. They seek that purity as if it would cleanse them of all their sins.

But in the same mind, they want to fuck every girl. They believe they have a right to it.

After all, he believes he is a man. And there is no evidence of his virginity lost.

As if the God he believes in does not see all which he says and does.

Turns around to call that same girl dirty, a slut, a whore.

As if he was not right there by her side, hands covered in the ‘dirt’. As if sex determines any humans worth.

As if the act were inherently dirty and it was not him who made it dirty.

As if he was a victim, lured in, and incapable of controlling his own desire.

As if he did not know that their culture would never forgive her but treat him as a hero.

He should know, In akhira (in the end) we are all the same.

Some men want other men to treat their mothers, sisters and daughters with respect.

But in the same mind, they turn around and congratulate their friends for sleeping with any woman.

After all, he believes they are men. And nothing can dirty a man.

As long as shes not related to him, its okay. He forgets, kama toodinah toodan (what goes around comes around).

As if the only time you should respect a woman is for her patriarchs.

Her father, he brother and every other is worthy of respect but her. No, not her.

She is reduced to the space between her legs.

It is her value and her downfall.

It is her insult and her praise.

It is her dehumanization.

As if God who created her had no bigger plans for her at all.”

Rowa Mohamed

Believe me when I say this: it’s going to be hard. You’ll go through insufferable moments; you might think of jumping from the nearby condominium’s highest floor. You’ll want to end it all. A hole has been carved onto my chest, you would whisper to the rainy September nights. You will reach the point wherein you’ll be stabbing your flesh, pounding on your head to silence your demons.

Don’t silence them.
Cultivate them.
Make them scream.
Give him hell.

—  t.d. | I Stopped

I don’t like when women say they want to crush men as a way of empowering themselves. Men are people too with feelings and hopes and dreams and fears just like you. Why does someone have to be crushed underneath you for you to feel powerful and important ? We are all humans. No one deserves to be hurt, man or woman.

The Queer Detainee Empowerment Project (QDEP) is an amazing alternative to detention organization in Brooklyn that supports immigrant detainees in finding safe housing, legal aid, healthcare, education & a supportive, safer space.

They are currently seeking donations for three detainees who are headed back to school. Please support them in any way you can! QDEP is doing incredibly important work in this community & connecting with other orgs around the country to build a solid support network for immigrant detainees. 



anonymous said:

She literally took a song about objectifying a woman's ass and turned it into a black woman empowering anthem. The original song was about the man's sexual arousal to that part of a woman. Nicki's version is about "Yes this is my ass and it's beautiful but you don't get to just have it you gotta work for it." It's about taking control back for the objectification of women. Maybe your problem is you don't want a black woman to be in control of her own sexual appeal?

anonymous said:

If you were asked to lead women in your country what position would you choose to reach your generation and the younger generation?

I want women to reach a position where they can completely depend on themselves .. Where a male guardian plays no role in the decision making other than a friendly opinion when asked ..

I want young women to outgrow the obsession that getting married and finding a husband and having a child is the most important goal in her life ..

It is a noble goal but it’s not the most important ..

I want young women to aspire to be the best! To realize their dreams and dwell into fields that are monopolized by men !

I want woman not to fear judgement by others because she works in a mixed environment or has to deal with men on daily basis ..

I want women to wear what they want, when they want to without the dread of being harassed and labeled dishonorable !!

I want woman to have the choice ..

A choice to drive ..

A choice to travel ..

A choice to have a business ..

A choice to go to work..

A choice to live freely as men do ..

On Failure and Success

Sunday Morning at around 4:00 AM the Indiegogo page of The Fine Young Capitalists was hacked by accessing  Matthew’s  Indiegogo account. The Hackers were able to modify the Indiegogo page, deleting all the information and replaced the description with text stating the campaign had been closed, on account of the way that /v/ had been treating an individual in the gaming community at the request of the Indiegogo team. Around 5:00 AM the Hackers deleted the campaign. None of the information presented on the page was true.

TFYC contacted Indiegogo almost immediately and they took steps to recover both the data and the campaign contributions. But because they were unsure if Matthew’s account was still compromised, they needed to contact him direct to prove his identity. After a conversation this morning and Matthew sending the relevant government ID, the campaign was reopened and is now taking contributions.

This has been hard on everyone involved. Indiegogo did takes step to contact us on Sunday but due to the time difference and everyone involved we were unable to make proper contact till Monday morning. We’d like to thank everyone for their patience and have taken steps to make sure this does not happen in the future.

On Success

Due to /v/ and 4chan’s effort in promoting the project and their link having successfully raised over $10,000 dollars and a logo they choose will appear at the start screen of the game,and in correspondence to the community if the game is successfully backed. We’d like to thank them for their encouragement.

We will continue to make video promoting Women in Video Game at the request of 4chan. The newest one should be uploaded as of the time of this statement.

The current value of all 4chan’s contribution is over $13,000 dollars.

Thank You.