A note to potential employers who want us to give them our social media passwords in order to get a job

Dear potential employers: This is not your house. Do not ask for the keys. Do not expect, while we’re out working hard, to open up the fridge and grab out a Yuengling, kick up your feet on the couch and watch an episode of “How I Met Your Mother” on the Roku. Do not expect to take a shower in our bathroom or try on the neckties in our closet. Our guitar: Not your property to practice “Wonderwall” on — it has no jurisdiction on our ability to sort paperwork or solve complex problems. If you think it does, find someone else. And don’t even think about trying to change the thermostat. You are not allowed inside unless we let you in. And we’re not letting you in. If you’re a job-seeker, and the employer is asking for passwords to e-mail or various social media accounts, we suggest that you tell them exactly where to take that job and shove it. So potential employers who have no respect for the personal lives of employees: Shove it. (hat tip toxiedesigns)

"Back in 1914, Henry Ford announced he was paying workers on his Model T assembly line $5 a day — three times what the typical factory employee earned at the time. The Wall Street Journal termed his action ‘an economic crime.’ But Ford knew it was a cunning business move. The higher wage turned Ford’s auto workers into customers who could afford to buy Model T’s. In two years Ford’s profits more than doubled.
“That was then. Now, Ford Motor Company is paying its new hires half what it paid new employees a few years ago. The basic bargain is over — not only at Ford but all over the American economy.”

In June of this year – Romney made some comments that seemed to fly below the radar.  As he was speaking to a group of business owners, he urged them to “make it clear to your employees” the significance of their vote and “therefore their job and their future”.  We’ve shared that HERE:

He said:

I hope you make it very clear to your employees what you believe is in the best interest of your enterprise and therefore their joband their future in the upcoming elections.  And whether you agree with me or you agree with President Obama, or whatever your political view, I hope you pass those along to your employees.”

“Nothing illegal about you talking to your employees about what you believe is best for the business, because I believe that will figure in to their election decision, their voting decision.”

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