Perceived hiring biases against women working in science, technology, engineering, and math have been around as long as women have been graduating from STEM programs. From 2008 to 2010, women received the majority of doctorate degrees in life and social sciences but only 32 percent of the open assistant professorships.

Now comes a study that offers something of a counter-narrative — that, given the chance, universities would rather hire women for STEM tenure-track positions.

Could It Be? Researchers Find A Hiring Bias That Favors Women

Illustration Credit: LA Johnson/NPR

The absurdity of how Walmart treats employees in one viral Thanksgiving photo

It’s well known that Walmart employees don’t make much money, but one viral Thanksgiving photo may just capture exactly how poorly the country’s largest employer treats its workers.

An Oklahoma City Walmart is allegedly asking employees to donate food to help their coworkers make ends meet during the holiday season. A sign on the collection bin reads, “Let’s succeed by donating to associates in need!!!”

The Dos and Don'ts of Job Searching While You're Still Employed

Ready for a new job? Most career experts would advise that you start looking while you’re still employed. And when you do—you must tread carefully:

1) Don’t tell anyone at work.

2) Make sure your LinkedIn profile is 100% complete.

3) Never bad-mouth your current employer.

4) Don’t use any of your current co-workers or supervisors as references.

5) Schedule interviews during non-work hours.

6) Don’t mention your job search in social media.

7) Always be honest if confronted by your supervisor or manager.

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A survey of over 1000 employees provided answers to an interesting question: Are employees slackers?

Using task analysis software enables effective management of employee’s tasks using accurate working time recording, monitoring and analysis.

Only through analysis of the data that you can begin to understand employee behavior, identify working trends and discover where work can be made more efficient.

Work Hours

I’m reading some of the schedules retail folks worked before Christmas. I’m hoping y'all are in states with OT laws like CA’s! (Definitely looking at you mykidsmaybecrazy.)

CA defines OT by the day and week. As the rest of the country, if you work more than 40 hours in a workweek, you get time-and-a-half. But, unlike many other places, any hours exceeding 8 in a day are paid at time-and-a-half. This is true even if you work less than 40 hours during the week.

This law keeps employers from abusing employees by making them work more than 8 hours in a day and then cutting their hours later in the week to prevent them from hitting 40.

Additionally, if you work all 7 days in the workweek, the 7th day is paid at time-and-a-half even if your total for the week was less than 40. This prevents employers from making employees work 5 hours a day, 7 days in a row. Your total is below the 40- hour threshold, but the 5 hours on that 7th day will be paid at time-and-a-half.

As an employer, I liked these laws. The employer-employee relationship is a two-way street that should be built on mutual respect. Too often employers abuse hourly workers. These laws helped keep the playing field somewhat level.

Note - As with all labor laws there are many specifics I’ve omitted. But, you get the overall point.