So I'm taking this bullshit class about "Europe as an idea"

At least that’s how it translates from french imo, the original title is “Histoire de l’idée européenne” but since idea isn’t in plural, it’s not history of ideas in europe but the idea of being european blah blah THIS CLASS IS JUST FUCKING WRONG THEY SHOULD CHANGE THE NAME TO “HOW TO TALK ABOUT EUROPE THROUGHOUT HISTORY WITHOUT MENTIONING COLONIALISM”. Finals are coming so I’m going through the chapter about Ancient Greece and learning about how the “the ideas of democracy and liberty originated the european conscience”, UGH JUST KILL ME NOW. Ok I’m just going to quote the shit for you:

"The european conscience takes it’s roots from the ideals of democracy and liberty of ancient greece. The greek considered Europe (the word rarely mentioned in the written sources) as a world of civilization opposed to a world of barbarians. Eventhough there isn’t anything specifically european about Aristophane, Xenophphon etc  there are two essentially european values that are today have too became european: liberty and democracy (…) It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the greek founded the notion of human rights, which is an important aspect to being european and having the european values"

Uhm…WHAT?!?! So basically they’re saying that

1) You know shit about democracy and liberty if you’re not european, those values are practically in our blood, it has been our tradition throughout all these centuries.

Uhm maybe in europe, but where were all these beautiful values of yours when you decided having colonies would be cool?

2)”The greek founded the notion of human rights”. one word for this one: SLAVERY. Although here,to be fair, I have to mention that, this is in law school and we were talking about how the greek were the first ones to use the laws to protect human rights but then again it’s still bullshit because it’s stupid to talk about human rights where slavery is legal, even though existence of these rights are analysed through a very technical and legal point of view. 

And the western european economy IS standing on legal slavery so this one is actually spot on! It’s just that, they don’t call it slavery, but they use other sexy words like delocalisation aka let the chinese children do it, they don’t know what democracy and liberty is anyway, their ancestors aren’t greeks.

So uhm, I’m done ranting I guess. I’ll be memorising this pile of bullshit if you wanna chat, so see you laterzz.