The adult Turing is played by Benedict Cumberbatch (his younger self is Alex Lawther), expanding his repertoire of socially awkward intellectual prodigies, real and fictional. What has made Mr. Cumberbatch so effective as Sherlock Holmes and Julian Assange — and what makes his Alan Turing one of the year’s finest pieces of screen acting — is his curious ability to suggest cold detachment and acute sensitivity at the same time. If he did not exist, 21st-century popular culture would have to invent him: a sentient robot, an empathetic space alien, a warm-blooded salamander with crazy sex appeal.
—  A.O. Scott in the New York Times review of The Imitation Game [x]
The adult Turing is played by Benedict Cumberbatch (his younger self is Alex Lawther), expanding his repertoire of socially awkward intellectual prodigies, real and fictional. What has made Mr. Cumberbatch so effective as Sherlock Holmes and Julian Assange — and what makes his Alan Turing one of the year’s finest pieces of screen acting — is his curious ability to suggest cold detachment and acute sensitivity at the same time. If he did not exist, 21st-century popular culture would have to invent him: a sentient robot, an empathetic space alien, a warm-blooded salamander with crazy sex appeal.
—  NY Times review of “The Imitation Game”

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Hey there, You seem very well informed and tolerant and I was wondering how you deal with being in the Wiccan community when people within it get nasty or ignorant? I've noticed that trend a lot lately, and that's why I don't label myself as Wiccan.

Ooof. Yeah…that happens. Way more than it ought to.

For those not familiar with the concept there are people withing the Pagan Community that have an issue with those who practice Wicca. There are several reasons for this, and the best thing that you can do is be aware and empathetic towards these scenarios.

Let me touch on a few of the most common.

  • FluffBunny problem
  • The confusion about Wicca
  • Anger and Naivete

Let’s talk about these.

The Fluff Bunny issue is something that really irks the happy out of me. I’ve talked about fluffbunny in this post. It’s a hurtful practice that needs to end. And recently it’s become more prevalent and more common than not.

As pagans we need to stick together. It doesn’t matter what branch of paganism you roost on, we are all climbing the same damn tree and we NEED to help one another.

The Confusion about WIcca was touched on in the same post as mentioned above. A lot of people become familiar with the word Wicca and claim it as theirs without understanding what it is and what it means. They use it interchangeable with pagan and with witchcraft. The reason for this is television shows, books, and movies that did a poor job of representation of any of the above. It is because of this that when groups of pagans hear from someone that this person is Wiccan they make an assumption that this person is ‘playing’ at being pagan or doesn’t know what they are talking about.

Anger and Naivete. Okay, a lot of pagans don’t like that Wiccans have rules. Wicca has The Rede and the Three Fold Law. We believe in harming none and curses are a big no-no for us. Because of this pagans like to outcast Wiccans because we are ‘fluffy’ and ‘do-gooder Wiccans’. Also, in some groups, Wiccans think they are better because they have these rules.

Neither is true. Believing in the Rede and the Law makes you Wiccan. It does not make you better, nor does this make you something that should be looked down on.

There is also anger because most people assume that anyone who practices witchcraft is Wiccan…and that bothers non Wiccan practitioners because it stereotypes them. It’s unfair, but it does happen.

Sorry for the rant. It feels necessary.

As for how I deal with it. If we want to change the perception of Wicca and Wiccans in general in both the pagan population and the non pagan population you have to consider yourself an ambassador of the faith. To that end I offer the following advice:

Know your shit. There are a lot of Wiccans out there who don’t know their holidays, the Rede, or the Law and what it means to be Wiccan. Don’t be that. Research, learn, study, and dedicate yourself to it. This matters. It matters a lot. Now, if in the course of these studies you decide that Wicca is not for you that’s okay.

No, seriously…that’s okay. Wicca is not for everyone.

Now, once you’ve got that down pat…now you gotta be honest about who and what you are. Don’t hide. Say it. Mean it. Say you are Wiccan and then continue to be the awesome person that you are.

If you see or hear those nasty comments about ‘wiccans’ start a conversation. TALK TO THEM. Don’t do that thing that humans do so well and turn a blind eye to the situation. Ask them why they feel that way. Empathize, understand, and then tell them about your side of it. Plant that seed in their minds that tells them that Wiccans are okay. They aren’t naive little girls trying to get Justin Bieber to fall in love with them.

And if they don’t listen, wish them well and be on your way. Don’t take it personally. You have the right to call yourself Wiccan and not be ashamed of it. You have the right to be heard and be understood.


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you are an ableist, racist turd & ugly to boot...

The pejorative nature of “Ableism” is derived from an insensitivity to the inabilities of others. I am actually quite an empathetic person. Am I gouache about disabilities? Yes. Are your standards of decorum utterly psychotic and anti human? Again yup.

Do I hold doors open for the elderly, the wheelchair bound, or just anyone who comes along? Yup. Am a jerk to people on the internet, sure, but just the jerks, haha!~

Would I ever Ever EVER make fun of someone for having a disability? Mno. That’d be evil and psychotic. I’d have to restrain my urge to beat that sort of person down, and have restrained myself actually in that situation.

Have I had friends with disabilities? Yeah. Probably more with than without actually, come to think of it. >_> That’s like really weird. But then, how would you know I’m not disabled?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ You don’t! But no, I’m not, Thank God. 

To state the hellishly OBVIOUS, the people whom tell me to ‘go read a book’ are not themselves illiterate, but rather people who choose not to read & stew in their indoctrination. I have not inquired as to their reading speed, but I am a rather slow reader myself. Derp, maybe that could be considered A DISABILITY! Dun dun DUN. 

Instead of spewing Cultural Marxist Pejoratives to people whom you don’t know in the slightest, maybe you should read more. I find dictionaries to be quite helpful in defining what words mean. 

Racism, for instance, is the belief in the collective inherent inferiority and superiority of races. As an individualist I do not believe in collectivizing people by their races, nor in any consistent median orientations of measure among them. Equality in our humanity is fundamental to my entire belief system. 

Beauty; however, is in the eye of the beholder.

been meaning to say how pleased i am with Cullen’s story arc. i know i was pretty vocal about my disapproval of his role in inquisition, and while I still think evangeline would have been a better choice for the role, im really enjoying him in this game so far. he’s just as empathetic as I wanted him to be, and not a bit more. and hearing about his life before being a templar?? THANK. GOD.

i think inquisitions really done a good job of showing what a HUMAN cullen is, while giving him a sliver of redemption

im happy about it aghh

Most importantly, sleep. Besides being the greatest creative aphrodisiac, sleep also affects our every waking moment, dictates our social rhythm, and even mediates our negative moods. Be as religious and disciplined about your sleep as you are about your work. We tend to wear our ability to get by on little sleep as some sort of badge of honor that validates our work ethic. But what it really is is a profound failure of self-respect and of priorities. What could possibly be more important than your health and your sanity, from which all else springs?

Brain Pickings

Not impressed that you got three hours of sleep— more empathetic that you had to prioritize other things & concerned about this work culture. 

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I thought I never wanted to see Pike again, but now I'm glad they brought him back for some final moment. The scene with him was great, and the following scene with Jane and Lisbon alone even more so. It was perfect. Damn, the whole freaking episode was perfect!! I can't find words to say how happy I am right now.

The Pike-related scenes were perfect to me, too, Anon. Those few minutes showed us so many things about who Jane and Lisbon are (kind, empathetic to Pike’s position), and about how they conduct their relationship (by telling how they feel and talking about it, deciding together). The episode is up there for me with the best episodes they’ve ever done.

Thoughts on episode 9 (SPOILERS AHEAD)

-Napoleon Dynamite is an airbender. Dear lord.

-Wu is an idiot, but I still like him better than Raiko.

-Fire Lord Izumi is kind of how I imagined Ursa would have been if she had been given the opportunity to be in charge: fierce, strong, and yet empathetic. Love her already.

-I will hug you, Bolin!

-At this point in the narrative, I have begun equating Asami with Legolas in Lord of the Rings: pretty to look at, bad ass fighter, keen intellect…and fond of stating the obvious. Yes, we know you went to see your dad (it wasn’t that interesting and was entirely irrelevant to the plot). We know Korra is awesome. We know Varrick was a douche in the past. I would love for this girl to quit recapping old information and to see her actually grow in an interesting and unexpected way similar to how Korra, Mako, and Bolin have grown.

-Makorra touches all over the place. Be still, my beating heart!

-Mako being super supportive of Korra gives me feels.

-Wait. Who’s watching Wu?

-Zaheer continues to fascinate me.

-When one is emotionally traumatized, one must go on a life-changing field trip with a socially awkward firebender and confront their inner demons.

-The Makorra and Bopal were strong with this one.

-Seriously, when is Toph going to kick Kuvira’s ass?

8 Bollywood things I'm grateful for ... giffed

Smarmy villains and vamps who let me feel for five minutes as if I don’t have to care so much …


Song after song wherein women express their desires loud and clear.


Unapologetic disco. 


All the empathetic wind. 


Locations to die for. 


Those moments when you realize the hero isn’t a misogynist at heart, like you expected.


Films that don’t fit in tiny boxes. 


Brave women just smiling through. 


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How do you like human culture and anything you like or dislike in particular about our species?


"I rather like humans as a species; you’re utterly bizarre creatures with biology and behavior that never cease to amaze me.

Humans, though occasionally entitled (being such a populous and even a powerful race in many places means this was likely bound to happen) and clingy, can be very gentle and respectful creatures.
They’re very inquisitive, eager, and highly empathetic, which is almost unheard of in some species.
They’re also quite fond of things they deem cute, so if you manage to qualify as such, you are showered in affection, something that honestly gave me a bit of culture shock.

Humans aren’t an animal you’d typically look at and call ‘cute’, but you’d be surprised; they can be quite charming. Very amiable things at times.

As for things I’m not fond of, or needed time to get used to:

  • Humans are very vocal; they chatter a lot, so you’ll either have to avoid them altogether or get used to it (I’ve come to find it soothing at times, depending on the human). 
  • Because they’re empathetic, sensing animals, they are often ruled by emotion even when logic would be a much better option.
  • What’s confusing is that they’re massive, but they are scared of things like mice and spiders, so be prepared to be the one who has to kill or put said vermin outside.
  • The last thing that is important is that they are completely diurnal and do not like the dark unless they are trying to sleep, so if you’re nocturnal or semi-nocturnal that’s a bit of a damper.

…Overall I like them, though.”

Kitty acts like a more empathetic baby Sherlock. Spilling the soda? “Talking to” the cop? TOTALLY Sherlock moves. Except Sherlock would never do that for Gregson.

I missed Joan, but I thought it was a good episode.


I know some people would like me to assume this position when I find a joke offensive and they don’t: 


but no

(Honestly i don’t even care if someone doesn’t share my view or aren’t offended when I am at a joke, but telling me to calm down and “chill the fuck out”? no. likewise, i would never tell anyone to just “calm down cause it’s haha a joke” when they’re unhappy or offended at something.)