Text: Gerard <3

I love how he’s so talented; musically and artistically. I love how he’s so empathetic. I love how emo he can be but he’s still afraid of little things like needles. I love his little smile. I love how even though he’s been through so much hard times, he’s still alive, helping others through hard times. I love that old geezer ~

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Illuminated Street Signs

“Illuminated Street Signs”

Unsolicited inconveniences splattered hastily and inconsequentially on the highway side billboards.
Next exit a sixth entrance to a liquor laced labyrinth,
and the street lights turn off as you pass underneath them.

Choking throats and hoarse tongue boasts, sand spilling from the sides of his smile.
It’s best to keep a distance or risk an empathetic collapse
If money can’t buy happiness, then what good is the sweat from my brow?

The ghosts on my shoulder keep losing their color as my moral compass dances to the seductive song of the sirens
I’d rather tremble through darkness than the nauseating glow of someone else’s destiny or maybe my own

We must destroy ourselves to create anything else, like the hill that forms the valley.
The only sin is to not, the fight never fought, equivalency your great grand finale.

An audience of blurred faces stands before me and they laugh as I tell them my trauma
My voice starts to crack and I’m boiling under the spotlight and I reach out but the curtain falls before you can see me

The laughs turn to screams but in unison, a choir. There’s no sacrament left, and peace be with you, my brother, I’ll see you tonight or tomorrow.

We must destroy ourselves to create anything else, like the hill that forms the valley.
The only sin is to not, the fight never fought, equivalency your great grand finale

There’s nothing left here but that’s all there ever was.
There’s nothing left here but that’s all there ever was.
All is now lost, but I know now that’s all there ever was.

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This one time I don't remember for what, Hillary was talking about one of our (US) men being killed overseas or something and her reply was "what difference does it make" I think it was the Clinton Benghazi testimony. Yeah.. She's really un empathetic and idk if I want someone like that for prez..

Wasn’t she the one that said something along the lines of “women are the biggest victims of war” because the lose their husbands, fathers, etc.? -moon

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Your singular artwork bears out the truth how mindfully empathetic you are. Take care of yourself for you are here to propagate waves of change. May you be forever transcending.

Thank you so much for you carefully crafted message, and sorry for the awkwardness of mine in comparison! <3


We bleed other’s loss
Fear and pain come across
Devastating as earthquakes
We crumble
Under thunderous weight
Of a world that rips lives apart;
Appears to master the art
Of painting darkness
Onto canvases of days
We breakdown
Inside we cry
For strangers and those we’ve held high
Have been crushed and defeated
Loss of lives leaves us depleted
Our hearts are too heavy
We fall to the floor
Can’t go on no more
From these feelings
We are rocked to our core
We are reeling
Stumbling, fumbling
We lose our breath
Empathetic toward loss
And sudden death
We lose it

Copyright 2015 Chris Bartlett/FollowCB

ngl i really don’t think that anyone’s mental disorder or w/e you want to call it is or should be used as an excuse for hurting people (mentally or physically). 

like i saw a person on my dash, minutes ago, say basically “i have [insert personality disorder] so i don’t care if i hurt your feelings and i’m super violent and use slurs when i’m upset” and i’m?? super uncomfortable with that???

sure, your pd/mental illness might make you violent, or not empathetic or sympathetic, but that doesn’t mean you have no responsibility or accountability for your actions, and it doesn’t mean that you are exempt from needing to apologize or make amends with the people that you hurt as a result of your mental illness. 

for me, my depression manifests partially as extreme anger and irritability without a trigger or anything i’m angry about. and i often take out that anger on other people. would i be angry if i didn’t have depression? no. did my actions hurt someone, regardless of why i was angry? yes. do i need to apologize and take actions to comfort the person(s) i hurt and to regain their trust? YES

just because you’re neurodivergent doesn’t mean that you can hurt people without consequence. that’s not something from a neurotypical society, its part of taking into account the welfare of others and having functional relationships. only in an abusive or non-functional relationship can one or more individuals harm the other without any consequences.


mental illness is an explanation, not an excuse.

ps: there is absolutely no reason for using slurs if you’re not part of the specific group the slur is used against and are reclaiming it. 

Build a Wall

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1FpLiYY

by InTheShadows

People call Sherlock many things: heartless bastard is just one of many. No one would ever make the mistake of calling him empathetic. Ironically enough though, that’s what he is.
chapter 1 is the final version, chapter 2 are some drafts I thought people might like

Words: 6023, Chapters: 2/2, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1FpLiYY

By being an introvert, I’m very empathetic. Sometimes when I’m on the internet and talk to people, I feel as if I’m talking too much, which makes me think I’m annoying. If I start thinking those thoughts, I shut down and don’t talk for a long while. When I’m quiet like that, it means that I feel socially awkward. Just a heads up about my mood right now! ;w;

AKA why I don’t want germ-line modification to be easily available even though eradicating Alzheimer’s and genes increasing cancer risk and whatnot would be awesome. I don’t trust people to make good decisions with it.

Yes, I am aware that this is uncharitable, and I understand that maybe the number of QALYs generated by preventing life-shortening diseases and painful chronic illnesses outweighs the costs, or that maybe there wouldn’t be so many positional-goods type traps as I think there would be. If you have spent 5 minutes seriously considering the subject this is probably not targeted to you.

Image transcription:

Panel 1:
Speaker 1: I don’t see what’s so bad about eugenics. Oh sure, there’s some bad history, but we could make people smarter, stronger, and more empathetic.

Panel 2:
Speaker 2: Great idea! Tell you what: I have a time machine. Since eugenics is so great, let’s make it happen in the past.

Panel 3:
S2: Which scientifically advanced previous generation would you like to receive complete control over your physical and mental attributes? 1950s America? 1890s Britain? 1810s France?

Panel 4:
S1: That’s not fair! Those people had problems. Everyone knows ethics was finally worked out in summer, 2013.

Panel 5:
S2: What about all the people who think you’re wrong?
S1: I believe we can sterilize them via the water supply.

Source: http://smbc-comics.com/index.php?id=3717

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Ron Weasley

send me a character name and i’ll tell you three things i have in common with them and three things i don’t

Things I have in common:

1. Defensively makes jokes

2. Has a bad habit of negatively comparing myself to my siblings and friends and gets insecure about it.

3. I am lucky enough to have a loving family!

Things I don’t have in common:

1. I don’t think I’m as abrasive or harsh as he sometimes can be. I’m a little more empathetic.

2. Unlike Ron, I’m not usually overshadowed as a ‘sidekick’ figure- I tend to be a little more at the center of things.

3. My twin siblings are BOTH alive.

If empathy is the ability to cry over songs you can’t remotely relate to, I’m the most empathetic person in the world.

The “Occupy Wall Street” protesters — also known as the “99 percent” — have struck a chord with at least a few members of an unexpected audience: America’s rich and privileged.

United under the banner “We are the 1 percent: We stand with the 99 percent,” a band of entrepreneurs, trust fund babies, professionals and inheritors has taken to the web to share their abhorrence of corporate greed and support for tax code changes that would see them pay a higher share of their considerable wealth.

Among other things, they’re posting their stories on a Tumblr page created by Wealth for the Common Good and Resource Generation, two groups dedicated to working for “fair taxation and just wealth distribution.”

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Empathetic Rats Help Each Other Out! (of course they do)

In a new study, laboratory rats repeatedly freed their cage-mates from containers, even though there was no clear reward for doing so. The rodents didn’t bother opening empty containers or those holding stuffed rats. When presented with both a rat-holding container and a one containing chocolate — the rats’ favorite snack — the rodents not only chose to open both containers, but also to share the treats they liberated.

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