"Come over," she says "and we can kiss a lot and play stupid games. You can do that thing where you bite my neck and I’ll grab your crotch and catch your eye and I’ll laugh. Let me run my hands through your hair like it’s the North Atlantic Ocean and we can forget."

"Come over," she says, "we can pretend like it never ended. I’m good at pretending goodbyes never happened."

—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #130 // It’s all so stupid now but I couldn’t care less

My guy just doesn’t get me 

He knows my laugh, but nothing of my heart

My tears are just evidence 

That he did something wrong 

How am I so strong yet so weak? 

Happiness no longer resides here so why can’t I leave? 

Maybe then he would miss me 

But given time, music, and some good friends 

He’ll forget me, just that easily 

Like a gust of wind 

I would have come and gone 

Just that quickly…