I’ve spent my whole life trying so hard not to be vulnerable. The idea is terrifying. Why would you let someone in like that? Why would you give someone every opportunity to hurt you? I never understood it until I was uncomfortable being alone. I never knew what it was like to fall until I met you. I want to share every fear, doubt, anxiety attack, depressive episode and sad memory with you without being expected to or expecting you to do the same. I want my soul to intermingle with yours in a way it’s never known. I want you to get to know me in a way nobody else ever has. I want you to see my darkness. I want to be vulnerable around you. Please don’t hurt me.
I thought that if I ever stopped talking to you, the Earth would stop spinning, my lungs wouldn’t inhale the oxygen they needed, and everything would stop.
We’ve stopped talking but, the Earth is still somehow spinning, my lungs are inhaling the oxygen they need for me to live, everything seems to still be moving…Why does everything keep moving when all I need is
for it to stop because I can’t live
like this.