Today Jimmy Novak gave up everything; his job, his life, his family so he could be drug across America by two over grown men who wear too much plaid in their quest to kill the devil.

Today he put himself aside and allowed Castiel to use his body however the angel saw fit.

He didn’t know what was in store, couldn’t anticipate being shot, stabbed, or what it would feel like being chained to a comet.

He only knew he “prayed for this,” and that his purpose was divine.

So he gave up everything. Literally gave himself.

Today, Jimmy Novak said “yes”.


"Is it a nuisance to be completely calm but frustratingly aroused all at once?"

Hrrr I actually haven’t tried doing lighting like this before and it works really well!!! Yay!!

Tomorrow ya’ll will get another batch of K’s! Vani’s makin’ use of her calm aura PFFT I bet that’s frustrating XD

A little heads up? Maybe. I don’t know.

My… emotional health has been going down hill for the past couple days just because of some shit that’s happening in my personal life.
Nothing to really be alarmed at, I’ll be fine. I always pull out of these things. Cause I’m a boss ass bitch. ;)

But in all seriousness, I’m just not doing so well.
So if my lack of posting continues over the next couple days, just know it’s because I’m not emotionally stable and that’s pretty much created some fierce writers block.

Let me know how many of you would deal with a random vent session. Cause I might need one in the very near future…

I’ll delete this eventually. Maybe. If I remember.
Anyway, hope your days are going better than mine.

So it was nice to wake up this morning (even though I only went to bed this morning and lets not talk about how if I had stayed up an extra 15 minutes I would have seen the declaration from Fife that made it a definite no) to find out that I am still British. 

That is not to say that I am not a “true Scotsman.” I am Scottish first, and always have and always will be, and British second. But I do like being British.

I would also like to point out that this thing was not black and white. Those 2 million no voters didn’t vote no because we like things the way they are. I, personally, and all the other no voters that I know, want change, we just didn’t think Scottish Independence was necessarily the best way to achieve it. So yes to change and I hope everyone bears in mind that 1.8 million wanted this and that they need to be heard. (And we are going to get change, but it’s going to take a while. So I think everyone needs to be patient and not be bitter about the outcome.)

Last night was such an emotional rollercoaster and I’m no expert, but I really do think if Salmond had a better campaign, if he had laid out detailed plans for what would happen in an independent Scotland rather than vagueness and maybes, there would have been more yes votes, but there was just far too much uncertainty on his side.

So yeah, proud to be British at the moment, but very proud to be Scottish.

No one knows (what it’s like)

by LillianDeLooney

12 year old Stiles struggles with his ADHD a lot. After a particularly bad day, he meets the stuttering Derek at the park. They become friends right away, finally having found someone who understands. They continue to have secret meetings for about a year, when suddenly Derek disappears from Stiles’ life.

Stiles doesn’t take it well, but is able to cope with the loss. Until two years later he loses another person close to him, and then it’s just too much.

He breaks down.

Words: 2165, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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but for real the symphony of science videos mean SO MUCH to me in a way that is sort of overboard and offputting

in 2009 when these were a new thing i was hell of depressed, i was unemployed, not going to school, and in a less than ideal living situation that exacerbated everything, basically a useless human lump

and then friggin josh groban friggin tweeted the ‘we are all connected’ video and it made me feel feelings for the first time in months

the ‘a glorious dawn’ video touched me so much that i got a tattoo of it???!!?!? so what i’m saying is you can find meaning in unexpected weird places and symphony of science might change your flippin life