I used to buy the Too Drunk emotibombs from Lush to use when I was suffering from nausea, or when I was congested. You drop the tab into the bottom of the shower and they would release a minty steam.

 I would break them into multiple pieces so that I could get more use out of each tab. They were absolutely fantastic at helping relieve nausea when I was sick and had to shower. 

Unfortunately Lush discontinued them. I don’t know if anyone else used the emotibombs, but a Lush employee explained that the company is really responsive to feedback, and emailing the company to request they would be re-stocked might have some success.

So, if you ever used the Lush emotibombs and want them brought back or would like the chance to use them please contact Lush customer service!

I want one of these!! AHAHA. look how cute they are and they sound so good.

I also want the twilight bathbomb. GIMME! they are all handmade soaps, cosmetics, etc.

GO GREEN. (Something I need to work on quite a bit)

Lush 30 Day Challenge: Day Twenty-Four

Day 24: Favourite emotibomb?

I really like the Too Drunk emotibomb, even though the last one I used was a touch on the old side and therefore not as potent as I would have liked. I find the smell to be incredibly soothing, and even though I’ve never used one with a hangover it seems like it might help with that a little bit.

Thought I’d treat myself to a Lush Emotibomb in my shower this morning. I can kinda see why they don’t do these anymore, it smelt really citrusy but I couldn’t smell it in the shower and it washed away pretty quick. 

Too Drunk (Emotibomb)

i was disappointed with this one. i was gunna use it the morning after a night of drinking and forgot to use it so i decided to use it later that night since i was still recovering and i have to say i was not that impressed.. it fell apart really quickly and i had to bend down in the shower to smell it. when i bent down i smelt the peppermint and the orange kind of smell but it was no where near strong enough for me to stand in the shower up right and smell it and for it to have an effect. i don’t know maybe it’s cause i don’t have a completely closed off shower or my shower itsn’t small enough but either way it just didn’t work. maybe if it was bigger? or a bath bomb instead of a shower emotibomb? bottom line: would i buy it again? probably not.

overall i give the Too Drunk Emotibomb a 1/5. :(