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Emojinal Witness

"Digital Witness" by St. Vincent + emojis

put yr playlist on random, list the first ten songs, then tag 10 ppl u wanna see do the same

okey! gonna do five from my soundcloud likes and five from my library, bc i’ve almost exclusively been listening to soundcloud recently…

tagged by b8l

unholy rhythms - emojinal #003

brian eno - sombre reptiles

pc music - hey qt ( preview)

john cale - evidence

kevin jz prodigy - rihanna where have you been vogueometer

destroy all monsters - november 22nd, 1963

fatima al-zaelaeyah - ya mun dakhal bahr al-hawa (sabbo remix)

ann peebles - you got to feed the fire

wilted woman - french au pair

white noise - love without sound

let’s see —- no presh if u don’t wanna —- how about sukisuki-daisuki, maroonedoffvesta, banji-realness, spacedyke, silkpukebrokechain, bvsedsqvalor, boredangry, transgendervhs, nefertiti, cyborgmemoirs, and ksrrkpirg (had a hard time cutting it down to ten, so i plus-oned it. gonna have a bunch of years bad luck now.)

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Its that time again!! Emoji tees headed your way.
♡♥♡♥♡ Thank you to those that ordered ♡♥♡♥♡ Link in bio.
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