9 Things You should never say to a Sherlock Fan

1. There are only three episodes person - that’s so lame!


You know what else is lame - this conversation! Obviously if you see, watch and love sherlock you will see why there is only three episodes. Besides, they are basically films!

2. It’s so unrealistic - no one could really do that!


If you want something realistic don’t watch TV!

3. Martin Freeman in Sherlock - I love him in the Shawshank redemption!


That’s Morgan Freeman clotpole, big difference.

4. Benedict Cumberbatch isn’t that great.


Seriously? What is wrong with you? Is it the cheekbones are too gorgeous, is he too much of an adorable person? Maybe it’s the fantastic acting you don’t like.

5. They talk too fast and there accents are too hard to understand.


Well that’s a rubbish reason to dislike something, try again.

6. I can’t believe I have to wait a whole three months for the next season of ___________


Oh I’m sorry, three months poor baby! The gaps between series of Sherlock is pretty much an eternity by everyone but a Timelord’s standards.

7. I don’t like Doctor who, so I won’t like Sherlock.


I see. Jsut because it’s the same writers, doesn’t make it the same show. One has a mad man with a box, the other is about a detective capering around in a mouth watering coat. Yeah, I am not seeing the overlap.

8.  Sherlock seems like such a jerk!


It never occured to you that that was the point?

9. I can’t believe it won so many Emmys!


Oh come on! Why are you mad it’s so good? It finally gets some recognition and thats what you have to say…pffftt

You have been warned.

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