Bucket List
  1. Go to Baltimore
  2. Go to Philly 
  3. Go to ArtsFest
  4. Get tan
  5. Meet a musician I haven’t met before
  6. Go to yard sales
  7. Play at Marsh Creek
  8. Take my siblings to the pool
  9. Use public transportation
  10. Work on my book
  11. Build a blanket fort 
  12. Go on a picnic
  13. Go hiking at French Creek
  14. Go to the zoo
  15. Tye dye a shirt
  16. Get a hair wrap
  17. Make a new friend
  18. Go to a fair
  19. See the Jersey Shore house/Shore Store
  20. Go to the beach
  21. Go to a city I don’t know
  22. Do something spontaneous
  23. Use my hookah
  24. Ride a bike
  25. Learn a full song on the piano
  26. Go to a museum
  27. Ride a ferris wheel
  28. Go to a flea market
  29. Take pictures at the playground
  30. Go to the aquarium
  31. Get a picture with the PSU Unicorn
  32. Fly a kite
  33. Make a friendship bracelet
  34. Get a henna tattoo
  35. Complete wreck this journal
  36. Go wild with chalk
  37. See a sunrise
  38. Go to a psychic
  39. Go to Intercourse and Blue Ball, PA
  40. Hike the Struble trail
  41. Get 100 followers
  42. Go strawberry picking
  43. Fall in love.
  44. Stay awake for over twenty four hours.
  45. Get my own apartment.