Emma Pounds - Guest Lecturer Notes and Resource Links

It was wonderful to have Film Producer Emma Pounds come in yesterday to talk about the film industry. Hopefully for some of you there might be some great opportunities for work experience with her.

I took down some important points and links.

- Started as an extra’s coordinator on Mr Bean at Southsea Funfair

- Then moved onto 1st Assistant Director on feature films

- Connections are so important

- Have to want to be in the industry badly

- Love what you do

- Decide which area in film you want to work in - try out

- There is funding available - start with a great script

- Submit work to Cannes Short Film Festival - £100 entry fee http://www.festival-cannes.fr/en.html and http://www.cannescourtmetrage.com/en/

- Have to be determined, focused, get involved, be persistent, pro-active and indispensable 

- Ignore knock backs

- Runner - contact all studios and find list of productions - info on films etc from studios

- Contact Production Managers - these are the people who employ crew on films

- Join IMDB Pro - gives you access to more details on films in production and schedules. 2 weeks free trial https://secure.imdb.com/signup/index.html

- Contact people - phone first and pester (need face time)

- Do anything to be around the industry

- Could start on commercials?

- Only as good as your last job

- Have to be good at organising, bossy and get on with people

- Faster route to progress in the TV industry

- Ideas Factory funded her new feature film which has full cinema release - http://theideasfactoryentrepreneurs.com/

- Diary Services


-  The Knowledge - http://www.theknowledgeonline.com/

- Kays - production companies and film studios - http://www.kays.co.uk/

-  Look at films/tv in production at http://www.pcrnewsletter.com/pcr/