Exclusive: Jessica Lange full performance of Gods And Monsters by Lana Del Rey 

Edward Mordrake: Part 1

to sum up:
If Dandy were my kid I would slap the shit out of him.




I still love Dot… I dont know why you guys seem to hate her..


I PROMISE I dont know whats my problem with Emma Roberts but


I love Jessica Lange but I could live without the singing.. pls.


Thoughts on American Horror Story: Freak Show - Edward Mordrake (Part 1)

So I had some doubts about this season from what I’ve seen of the first two episodes but this one shows me that Freak Show has the potential to be a really great season if the rest of it is as good as this episode was.

Kathy Bates - Ethel: How great is Kathy Bates? And how fucking great is Ethel? SO great. She’s probably the best character on this show and the greatest mother in AHS fucking history. I’m so glad they really made use of Kathy Bates’ amazing acting chops after the way they neglected her last season. I’m SO here for Ethel and seeing her so vulnerable is heart breaking. Give her all the Emmy’s.

Emma Roberts - Maggie: Guess who finally showed up? Better late than mid-way through the season I guess. So there’s really not much to go on from what we’ve seen of Maggie but she looks like she’s got potential. But then again so did Zoe and we all know how that turned out … (fingers crossed)

Wes Bentley - Edward Mordrake: I was really curious about how AHS was gonna go about this character and I was NOT disappointed. That scene where he appears in green smoke accompanied by classic spooky 1950’s theremin music while Lana Del Rey played in the background, SO great. Wes Bentley’s a real show stealer and he’s only been on for about 10 minutes.

Sarah Paulson - Dot & Bette: So the twins are dealing with issues of their own here. I’m always so black and white with these two. In the first episode I was really feeling Bette, then in episode two I was like aw yeah Dot’s pretty cool but Bette’s being kinda psycho. NOW Dot straight up doesn’t care if she kills her sister, she just wants to be separated. NOW I feel bad for Bette. I’ve never been so torn over two characters jammed into one.

Jessica Lange - Elsa: So Elsa took a backseat this week and I really didn’t mind. It’s becoming difficult for me to believe Jessica Lange when she said “Elsa really loves the freaks deep down.” when she clearly doesn’t seem to give a fuck, but it’s still early in the season so we’ll see.

Finn Wittrock - Dandy: Oh man what a pussy … I’m not crazy about Dandy, especially after hearing that he was based off NORMAN BATES which means there’s a strong possibility that we’re gonna see sweet, soft-spoken Frances Conroy get murdered which is no fun for anybody. On a side-note, I don’t know know how in the WORLD Ryan Murphy convinced Patti LaBelle to play a fucking maid, but she definitely put Dandy in his place.


I do think this season has the greatest collection of actresses ever assembled for a television show but I sought them out. To me it all starts with who do I love, who am I interested in because I’m just a big fan. - Ryan Murphy