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If I were in doubt as to the wisdom of one of my actions I should not consult Flaubert or Dostoievsky. The opinion of Balzac or Dickens would carry little weight with me; were Stendhal to rebuke me, it would only convince me I had done right: even in the judgment of Tolstoy I should not put complete confidence. But I should be seriously upset, I should worry for weeks and weeks, if I incurred the disapproval of Jane Austen.
—  David Cecil, from Poets and Story-Tellers (1949). 

We’ve had practically two seasons of the slow burn. And I expect that burn to continue HOWEVER we just got a kiss that confirms they could be together now. And I get that they both have issues (not just Emma), but I’m really rather ready for Emma to help Killian with his shit for once, and for these two to really have a wonderful romantic relationship