emily-odette said:

How can I follow Jessica Mccarthy on here? Her Tumblr needs a password, but aren't you following her? Ahhh I'm confused. ._.

Really? It does? I’m following her, but if her Tumblr requires a password now, then it was probably after I followed her. I think it’s to prevent all the asshole Motionless In White “fans” from harassing her. I followed her when I first made this blog a few months ago. I would recommend tweeting her, but she’s kind of stopped using her Twitter. She’s following me on this blog, so hopefully if she see’s this, she might be able to help you out.

Edit: I took a look at her blog from another side blog of mine and tried to follow her, and it seems that you’re able to follow her without requiring a password! Are you sure you have the right URL? There are people on here who are pretending to be her. She changed her URL! Someone might have claimed her old URL, or she may be hoarding it. Whatever the case, you’ve got the wrong blog.

Even though I fucking hate pop music, Ke$ha is one of my favorite artists. She’s brilliant. I love how she isn’t fake and so mainstream like all of the other pop artists out there. Her music actually has meaning. I was watching her show Kesha: My Crazy Beautiful Life. I teared up a little at a particular part toward the middle. Okay, I bawled like a baby. Her music speaks to me and so many others. It made me realize how amazing she is - so much respect for her. <3

Fun fact: the photo on this shirt was taken by me!

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I see a lot of BVB “fans” complaining about them being on Now 45. I think that is completely ridiculous. Big names in the music industry today like Justin Bieber, Ke$ha, and Katy Perry are usually on there. We’re bringing rock on there and getting our music/voices more well known, which is a huge part of what Black Veil Brides is trying to do. They’re bringing R&R back which is exactly what this world fucking needs. Can people please just stop saying they’ve gone mainstream because they are now on a well known CD with very well known “popular” artists? HOLY BUHJEEBUS PEOPLE GET OVER YOURSELVES. Thank you. <3