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Best of luck for your math exam! You've been away for so long you're bound to do well, hahaha :P x

Thank you very much! Haha, I don’t know about that. I’ve got dyscalculia so I’m just happy if I pass. You’d be amazed of how much I’ve got to repeat everything. My brain is like teflon. ANYWAY, IT’S THIS WEDNESDAY (starts screaming). Let’s hope I don’t cock it up. Have been revising since 9 o’clock this morning, woo, because I’ve been working too much this week so there’s been no time to properly sit down.  

I have been ‘ghosting’ on the website though, but I’ve forbidden myself excessive tumblr activity. Haven’t even opened a Word document except to insert calculations of late as well. But that’ll all soon change. I’ve got a summer to write after all! ;) THANK YOU. 

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Sherlock tries to find the best way to tell Molly he loves her.

I always end up tweaking things, despite myself, sorry.

“So you two, then?” the sentence keeps hovering about in her head, smacking against the insides of her mind, and making her question everything. It’s not the first remark that she’s laughed off the last couple of months. They’ve been building quite a lot, a whole tower of what was supposedly presumptuous commentary from friends and co-workers, and like the occasional Jenga she sets up with Sherlock, it’s all tumbling down. Molly’s not sure when it actually took place or began. Maybe it’s the endless amounts of ‘I’m sorry’-coffee’s he began putting about everywhere, burning off pounds on expensive breweries to appease her when she had just began burying the torch she held for him, still flickering ever so timidly. Or maybe it was the point when she finally forgave him when Moriarty finally swanned off, the pair of them reaching what she thought was some kind of friendly equilibrium. It wasn’t unorthodox that he strode into her flat in the early mornings or late nights or even stayed - all night - all day.

“It’s just Sherlock,” she’d explained to all who asked, shrugging it off like any old behaviour, until the goggles everyone else were wearing came into her care. Suddenly everywhere there were signs - - tiny insignificant gestures - - him feeding Toby, or helping her tidy when she’d been at work for a double-shift, or just being all-round nice.

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Between talks and looks

“We need to talk.” 

“We do?”



“No idea, but John told me we did.”

She was unsurprised to see John shuffle awkwardly on his feet, his eyes fixed on the floor before he with his clenched fists said. “I’ll let myself out.” He didn’t go without throwing Sherlock a look however (you-idiot obvious in his expression), but he seemed to barely register it sniffing briefly, as the doors to the lab banged shut behind John who walked off quickly, clearly not keen on staying. 

Molly frowned slightly before pocketing her pen, as her attempt at writing down notes on the blood samples before her would have to wait. “Umm…what’s wrong?” she said watching as Sherlock let out a sigh.

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Sherlock having one of those won't speak a word day, that turns into a week, and then to 10 days... but Molly gets anxious at day 8, and trying to get Sherlock to speak again because she has to tell him she found out she's pregnant ? c: have a nice day!

Day One:  It’s nothing new. It happens after every big case, big event, but she was nonetheless surprised, since he hadn’t been working on anything. And like always she feels tempted to chuck something at his head.

Day two: Changing her clothes in the living room changes absolutely nothing, but John Watson does accidentally see her left breast, “Oh my God, sorry, sorry.” He’s blushing furiously, while she’s more annoyed with her boyfriend than anything. When she goes to bed that night, she wonders slightly why on earth her breasts feel a bit bigger, but she doesn’t think much about it.

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Signs + procrastinating
  • Aries:Starts off quite early and everyone hates them, but it turns out during the last minute that they haven't actually finished yet and they're panicking.
  • Taurus:The illusion of productive procrastination, also might be tempted to find someone else to do it for them.
  • Gemini:The putting off important life decisions until the very last minute, coupled with frenzied hair pulling.
  • Cancer:Talks to everyone who's done it or not, and gets easily tangled up with someone who hasn't done it, making them postpone their own work for a little while.
  • Leo:Excellent procrastination, watches a zillion videos on youtube and brings several into their procrastination like it's a big event.
  • Virgo:Documents whenever they're procrastinating, but inadvertently guilt-trips themselves into getting back into it.
  • Libra:Balances the procrastination with the actual work-doing and multi-tasks their way through it.
  • Scorpio:Will watch entire tv series and convinces themselves it's because they can't deal with the actual thing so it's okay.
  • Sagittarius:Does one thing then drops it, then another and drops that as well, and feels a certain ennui to the procrastination if it's done alone.
  • Capricorn:Pretends to have done the thing, because everyone assumes they've done the thing.
  • Aquarius:They don't really give a fuck about deadlines, but they always manage to deliver anyway.
  • Pisces:Will sigh their way out of doing it, but does it anyway with bitter energy.

Everyone thinking that Sherlock and Molly are meeting up to have like super smexy sex because they have code-words and covert glances. When one of them actually follows them, it turns out they’re actually just doing sciency stuff. 

  • Aries:Irene Adler
  • Taurus:Mycroft Holmes
  • Gemini:John Watson
  • Cancer:Molly Hooper
  • Leo:Greg Lestrade
  • Virgo:Mary Morstan
  • Libra:Anthea
  • Scorpio:James Moriarty
  • Sagittarius:Janine Hawkins/Mrs Hudson
  • Capricorn:Sally Donovan
  • Aquarius:Sherlock Holmes
  • Pisces:Philip Anderson

People who write the loveliest things in tags thank you so much. You’re so cute and squishable. In a good way not a tiny bug way, that would be murder. Also reviewers and rebloggers. And followers. Just stay cute!

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I saw this one in one of those "au lists" posts, and thought of sherlolly. idk if you'd like this one, but I have the prompts thing in my head "your voice sounds like my thinking voice and that’s really freaking me out au" :D now, I'll go try to work on my paper for tomorrow . HAVE FUN EMILIE <3

aka Emilie has a cold from hell, hate those, my nose is on fire. thank you thank you for prompt. (ps, nobody send me anymore, have a zillion) 

Of course you are, she ruefully smiled at her constant ‘invisible companion’. Everyone had voices in their head to some extent, but she was one of the special few. When she’d first heard the voice she’d been around six, but she had probably just began questioning it by that time. Her mother had taken her to the side, hands upon her shoulders with a sort of wistful smile on her face, as if this tiny bit of honesty meant something bigger, greater. “There’s a voice in my head, mummy. But it’s not mine,” she’d been worried, especially when her fellow classmate and best friend Piper meant she’d need to be sent off to the mad house. 

That’s your soulmate,” said her mother slowly, lips soon pressed together. That was the day she realized she wasn’t like everyone else. “Not everyone can hear them, but some can. I did.” 

“…But is it my voice?” she’d asked bewildered, while her mother nodded at her. Sometimes it hadn’t felt like it. Often it felt like she was grudgingly hearing someone’s commentary on her life, far more sarcastic and pessimistic than she viewed herself, ‘a realistic inner voice’. “Will it stop?”

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Prompt: Morning after a one-night stand. (where they didn't know each other before)(obviously,lol) PS,You're my favouritest Sherlolly writer.

(thank you) (lol) (i love talking in brackets) (i recently learned the word brackets. we call this shit something else in Norway) (‘parantes’) 

She’s on her side facing the wall, it’s easier, or so she thinks. She’s never done this before. Or well, she has, but usually she never brought anyone home with her. She’s just moved in. The flat still smells unfamiliar and there’s a fresh just-purchased smell lingering over her furniture. It’s not been lived in properly yet, and she’s done this. 

Molly feels strange enough as it is in London, and it does exacerbate it a tiny bit. Also. Shouldn’t he have left ages ago? Isn’t that what people do? She’s usually got her shoes on at this point, gingerly cutting across the bedroom floor and passing whomever she’s left behind. 

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I don't know if you're taking prompts but here goes. Sherlolly: Molly's cat dying/sick and sherlock's act to not get sentiment about pets is exposed.

Sorry for epically long wait, haven’t been in a proper writing mood of late, but felt like I could drum something up pre-homework. 

The sleeve of her usually speck-free coat was stained with coffee. It was dry and slightly faded. She’d gotten it in the morning, but he suspected the most telling thing was that her red cardigan was inside out. 

There had only been a handful of occasions when Molly Hooper was less than attentive to her surroundings, otherwise always having the upper-hand whenever there was anything going on in St Bart’s, as she’d know what he needed before he even asked. 

For a while he’d pretended it had been female intuition that was the reason, until he logically understood that with Molly, she just knew, unlike him who’d have to find the clues before he could figure out the bigger picture. 

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