“Y-yeah..” Emi gave the other student a warm smile.

“Wait, why do you look so happy?” she noticed the boy’s facial expression a bit weird, like a mix of happiness and seriousness at the same time. She had a hard time trying to understand it, but she ultimately did.

“You.. You like her back, don’t you?" 

Uh-oh. New quest: Try to get her not to suspect more!

«Pffft, why would I? She’s annoying and bossy and loud and…» Masato, you can’t do this. «I don’t like her!»

Quest failed.


I went downstairs for the first time in two days and I found some very lovely and thoughtful surprises that came for me in the mail!

emiii-chan sent me this extremely thoughtful package full of yummy delicious gifts! I am so excited to try all of them! TvT  Plus I love that they’re Hawaii specific, I should find some treats to send back that are special to Boston :o  Thank you so much, you are so thoughtful and generous! (My boyfriend is also very intrigued by the black gum he wants to try it immediately haha)

I also got a sweet letter from Monica! I love your stationary, I was geeking out over how cute it is. :3  I will send you a reply soon! (I will probably write it tonight while I’m in my night class heehee)

Thank you both so, so much! I am very blessed and lucky to have thoughtful friends like you!