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Here’s a 15 sec recap from Jer Gryczka’s #Edit, #CentralMass5 Slide Jam Ghostskate NY Edition. Shout goes out to @emgeemann for organizing this rad event! Also, a really huge shoutout to @bustinboards and @orangatangwheels for supporting me through out this event! As well as @beartrucks @triple8nyc and @rdvxgrip for gearing me up and keeping me rolling right.

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Skate Toolbox & Test logos. Some longboard necessities in a toteable toolbox. I’m also testing out a couple more logo submissions for my contest/giveaway (big thanks to the awesome people who have submitted - there are 10 days left!) - what do you guys think? Pros/cons? Mike Girard vs. emgeemann? (I’d ideally want to have it with an empty background, so I can integrate it directly into the image rather than having it surrounded by a white box) Other design elements?

My “BEST” posts of 2011*
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*I’m not sure exactly how this tool chose these photos, because there doesn’t seem to be a clear pattern of notes/reblogs… but anyways, check it out! Here are 12 of my “best” posts of the year :) Fun fact: #12 is my very first post, which includes my original motivation for starting a tumblr.

Some personal additions:

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