She hides in corners,
in stairwells and
coffee shops,
sips water like it’s the
blood of
She looks down.
Stares at notebooks,
empty chairs,
floor tiles;
wherever there’s no one
to look back.
She’s best friends with
the razors,
the lighters,
the pain.
She wishes for someone to speak to her,
she panics when they do.
She turns to her best friends:
the razors,
the lighters,
the pain.
She changes.
Cuts her hair,
cuts ties with the feminine,
cuts the sleeves off of his
older brother’s sweaters so that they’ll
He stands on rooftops and
shouts to everyone
Look at me,
I’m here,
I’ve always been here.
He looks forward;
stares at whiteboards filled with
and faces filled with
and nature filled with
poetry; he finds the
of everything.
His best friends become human;
those before him,
those next to him,
those behind him,
using him as a guide.
He tells himself over and over again
what he’s learned,
what he already knew;
that she may have been broken,
but he is strong.


emeryzner said:

Sara who is this Alex person???

omg sometimes i forget people i know besides claire follow me hahah!!! he’s a really great friend of mine that i’m dating, we met on halloween and we’re very similar and obsessed with cartoons and anime and dogs and new zealand and living simply and he’s just the most amazing man i’ve ever met and i was really really scared of losing him so i’d been silently freaking out the past few days but finally came to terms with it only to find out everything is fine!!!!!! he’s wonderful