To live with yourself or love yourself? I’ll do both😃. Never in a million years would I ever think to post something like this online, but there’s so many young teens and women who struggle with body positivity. And I was one of them. I’ve let society in the past get to me that I needed to be a size 5 or 8. God formed each and everyone of us in a special way. I was always put down by family who thought they were “helping” me by telling me to go for a size bigger because if the clothing was to tight it wouldn’t look good on me, or to not get something so revealing because you’ll show your arms or thighs. I’m completely tired of that! I will not let someone put me down because I want to feel sexy. I will not let anyone tell me what I can and can not wear because I won’t look good in it because my body can’t pull it off. I will NOT let society drag me under. What I will do, I will love myself, flaunt my beautiful body that god created and embrace those big thighs I’ve always had. If no one can handle the fact that I’m ok with this, then go away because I never asked for your opinion in the first place! Love yourself pretty people! Your body is a canvas. #InstaSize #fatspo #plussizeliving #plussize #thick #fat #loveyourself #loveyourbody #yourbodyisacanvas #effyourbeautystandards #donthide #embraceyourbeauty #bodypositivity

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"WHATS YOUR BEAUTIFUL?" Wednesday!! My first ever #chloeandisabel inspired beautiful series..each Wednesday I will feature a different woman talking about what makes her feel beautiful. This is in hope to increase confidence, support, and of course women embracing their beautiful. First up, me!! So what’s my beautiful? Lately, what’s made me feel beautiful is being a mama. Most women hate their post pregnancy body, and I can’t help but to be lucky enough to love mine. It’s different and it’s womanly. And the fact that it carried my perfect little babe makes it all the more wonderful.❤️💋#whatsyourbeautiful #embraceyourbeautiful Would you want to be featured as the next beautiful woman Wednesday?? Let me know!! 😘