Drew Imagine #1


Emblem3 was back on tour again. It was two months into their tour and you were really starting to miss your boyfriend of a year, Drew Michael Chadwick. You did get to keep in contact with him via phone calls and texting, but you two haven’t had the chance to just sit and Skype. However, you were incredibly excited for tonight because it was his free time you would get to see him even if it was through a webcam.

So that two of you were on Skype, finally. Aside from catching up, you were both going on about how you missed each other and all the things the two of you would do when you saw each other again.

Through your laptop speakers, you heard a door open with a loud bang and two very familiar and loud voices coming from Drew’s end of the line — the Stromberg brothers.

Wesley and Keaton were now on the couch with Drew and greeted you enthusiastically.

Wes: “Hi, Y/N!!! We miss you!”

Keats: “Haha, yeah! Especially Drew-bear over here!”

Drew didn’t deny it and instead said sincerely, “Yes, I really do.”

Gif Source: @emblem3gifs