Mother Teresa was an Albanian nun who, depending on your level of cynicism, is one of the following:
•The most recent example of a saintly person
•The greatest con artist, sham charity embezzler, and sadist the world has seen in the last 50 years
•A deeply misguided person who put the perceived spiritual needs of those she served over their real, tangible physical needs
•A very real, very human combination of some or all of the above.

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What's your deal with James Cameron?


-When he was making Aliens, H.R. Giger, creator of the Alien, humbly asked to be involved in the project because the Alien was his “baby” and it pained him not to have some input in future projects featuring it. Cameron told him to piss off as nicely as he could pretend to, essentially saying “You’re the father of the alien so you would overshadow me and I want my name remembered most.” Giger felt disrespected and hurt over it until he died.

-He wrote the whole Ripley/Newt story in Aliens as well as giving Ripley a dead daughter because he felt it was unrealistic for a woman not to show strong “feminine instincts” such as mothering, and crying.

-When Cameron was making Titanic, he used the name and history of a real man for the movie’s villain. You know, the creeper and embezzler who stole someone’s baby so he could get on a life raft in the end. The real man was a hero who helped save so many people he has a statue in his home town, and his family begged, PLEADED with Cameron to change the bad guy’s name to a fictional one so it wouldn’t be slandering and demonizing their loved one. Cameron said no, that he wouldn’t let anyone change his artistic vision, and that he had to use real names for “authenticity” (even while inventing entire personalities for them)

-Cameron has a history of body shaming his actresses. He even called Kate Winslet “Kate Weighs-a-lot” to her face when she was working with him on Titanic. Other actresses tell similar stories.

-He kept bragging how “Avatar” was filled with the most imaginative creatures every conceived for a science fiction film. Seriously. Sexualized blue people and dinosaurs and some giant tube worms that live on land instead of water.

I also just don’t find any of his films personally entertaining. The best one is Terminator and Terminator II, and I still don’t really actively care about them. I saw them once, found them alright, probably couldn’t sit through them again.

So in my book he’s not only an ass of a person, but a talentless hack people only notice because of the massive effects budgets he’s landed.

I have enough complaints about Aliens alone that I did a college essay on it (I got an A) and may edit it into a funnier site article one day.

This is like one of the few pop culture things I’m a curmudgeon about, but only because of his assholery. Otherwise I don’t feel any active spite for creators, I mean, it’s never anybody’s fault if they fail to entertain you; it is their fault when they’re a huge titanic douche lol see what I did there I bet nobody has made that joke EVER

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This week’s video: An MCI Manager learns that white collar crime does not pay. 

I Wonder What My Incarcerated Ex-Boyfriend Is Up To These Days.

Since You Asked, 9 June 2013:

Dear Cary, An old boyfriend from high school has ended up in jail for embezzling funds through his law practice. I was browsing through Facebook and found a news link that explained his circumstances. We are in our mid 60s. I am happily married and not looking for a hookup. Is it a good idea to write to him? He is in a medium security prison for four years. The conditions are likely not good. Apparently, you have to buy your own toiletries, food treats, etc. When I initially read of his being convicted and losing his practice, I was appalled and since I had good memories of him, I still believe he is a good person at heart who made some really bad decisions. Would it be helpful to him to hear from someone who remembers him the way he was? Or should I just ignore the fact that I know what is happening to him? I have looked other former friends up online, mostly out of curiosity. A few I contact, most I don’t bother. What do you think? Curious

Dear Curious,

I see no reason not to contact an old flame you haven’t seen or heard from in 40-plus years, considering he is a good guy who probably didn’t mean to embezzle money from his law practice, a common mistake that we all make at one time or another. The two of you will soon form a close but completely platonic friendship with no undertones of untoward emotional involvement, because that is definitely not something you are interested in, not even a little bit.

China's Bo admits knowing of embezzled funds

By John Ruwitch

JINAN, China (Reuters) – Ousted Chinese politician Bo Xilai accepted responsibility for 5 million yuan ($817,000) in funds he is accused of embezzling which ended up in his wife’s bank account, saying he had let his attention wander, in…

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Question: What author embezzled a Texas bank, fled to Honduras, returned to the US to visit his dying wife and spent three years in an Ohio prison?
Answer: O Henry - William Sydney Porter worked as the night pharmacist and apparently took his pen name from a guard’s name badge.
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Fake prince's goods go under the hammer

One of the most extraordinary auctions in Queensland’s history has taken place with the luxury possessions of a fake prince going under the hammer.

The Public Trustee on Sunday sold items owned by Joel Barlow, the former public servant who embezzled more than $16 million from Queensland Health while posing as Tahitian royalty.

There was a huge turnout for the auction, with Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate among the bidders.

He said he was hoping to purchase a Hermes saddle for an upcoming polo match against an Indian maharaja.

A Chanel necklace was among the items to be sold off early, fetching about $2,000 – almost double the retail price.

There were 1,500 items to be sold, including kitchenware, a Brett Whiteley screen print, two apartments, watches and even Barlow’s half-used soap.

Some items still had police evidence stickers.

Auctioneer John D’Agata said it was hoped the goods could fetch as much as $300,000.

“It is an extraordinary collection.  He bought very well.  He bought signed pieces.  It’s a really interesting auction,” he said.

Barlow is due be sentenced later this month.

My friend and colleague, Chloé Simone Valdary wrote a brilliant article exposing the hypocrisy and the brazen appropriation……

SJP, we know you will lend the citizens of Gaza and the West Bank your strong voice of advocacy.  And, since you’re committed to justice in Palestine, you will surely be protesting the fact that a Palestinian Muslim could be killed for converting from Islam to Christianity.  ‘Justice’ includes freedom of conscience and religion, does it not?

‘Justice in Palestine’ would also include protesting Palestinian leaders embezzlement of billions in international aid money, yes?  According to Arabic Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas makes a monthly salary of $1 million, and is worth $100 million to date.  In Gaza, population 1.6 million, Hamas boasts some 1400 millionaires.  And they say hasbara pays well.

While lecturing on college campuses last spring I had several SJP members concede that Hamas is a terrorist organization.  But I’m still trying to figure out why that means SJP doesn’t protest them.  Why don’t any of your “die-ins” include Hamas crimes against the people of Gaza?  So, can we expect SJP to fully call out Hamas’ use of human shields and child suicide bombers on campus this year?  With a name like ‘Students for Justice in Palestine’, I know we will see strong support for the Gazans who were slaughtered by Hamas for collaborating with the Israeli Defense Force during the recent conflict there.  SJP, I know you will do great work in getting these brave Palestinian men and women who confronted Hamas.

Read more: Students for Justice in Palestine: What’s in a Name? | Dumisani Washington | The Blogs | The Times of Israel
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"My name is Anna Arrendale. I’m nineteen years old. I am a conwoman, wanted for forgery, art theft, grand larceny, burglary, and embezzlement (and a host of other lesser charges). I have over fifty aliases, but run in high-stakes illegal circles using codename ‘A’. I was born in Memphis,TN. My parents Andrew and Ida, were killed in a boating accident when I was very young. They were actually quite well off, heads of the largest port on the Mississippi. N o one possesses any records, fingerprints, DNA samples, etc., cataloging my existence. At least no digital records. Paper ones about ‘A’ could take some time to get rid of, and investigators will always know my face, if not my name. But no one can track me with a computer. No one. Thanks to my sister."

"Thank you for giving me a second chance.

Here’s what I know:

My name is Anna Arrendale. And I love my sister very much”

—- Anna Arrendale (‘A’)- from “Stolen Ice” by Aesla


"I can’t disregard my past, and I can’t redo a life that never got the chance to happen. I did bad things. I did good things. That’s who I am. But now I have more agency, thanks to my sobriety, thanks to my.. my family. I get to choose who I want to be, and I choose both. The bad and good. Because life isn’t either/or. It’s both."

"I am alcoholic, and a thief, and a tutor, and a quasihumitarian. But at least I know who I am. My name is E.J., and finally know who I am"

——Elsa (Jane Doe)- from “Stolen Ice” by Aesla

they’re getting better. and the end is getting near. :))

I’ve been reading up as much as I can about Borel’s time in Algeria (because I like to know HOW problematic my faves are thank you)

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for those of you interested about the work place drama.

long story short
a manager on night shift had been stealing cash out of just my drawer and was essentially setting me up for the blame.

my bosses legitimately did not seem to believe i would do something like that but they still had to have a discussion with me. they talked to me yesterday and apologized in advance if i were a victim in someone else’s schemes.

after reviewing the security tapes it was clear i was not involved with the embezzlement and that i was free of all suspicion.

but i’m just sad that someone i trusted in the workplace tried to screw me over so terribly. thanks.