neji ‘stop embarrassing me in front of my friends’ hyuuga

I FINALLY FINISHED DRAWING THIS SO… UM… YEAH this is my OC, Kiyomi Shimizu from my novel that I am writing; Sekai no Owari (End of the World). This took forever to draw and I am HELLA PROUD of it so please support her and my other characters when I get round to drawing them… it would really mean a lot!

The space also seemed a bit empty so I added a little bio thing lol. It’s pretty irrelevant information though…

wow, you know what?? dimples are absolutely incredible ….like ?? they are so cute !! and uhm??? they show up when you speak certain words?? like wow, dimples ?? people with dimples?? laughing and giggling ?? dimples fully exposed ?? and then kissing their dimple?? idk man…,,dimples

When I have time I should make an extensive list of weird ways you can tell who wrote what line/scene in the Wicked AU

Because other than spelling differences (thethiefandtheairbender spells stuff the Brit/Canadian/whatever other country puts extra u’s way while I’m super American) our writing styles mesh pretty well


Part 2 (coming soon)

Aaaand there’s the first part of the comic I said I was doing ^^’

In the end, I decided to post it separately because I’m really slow and lazy doing it and I wouldn’t post this so soon if I waited for everything to be done. I just wanted Seidou to think about Akira while he was being held captive/tortured but I didn’t know how to do it… The bird idea came out of nowhere *nervouslylaughs*. I don’t have a good excuse, I just wanted to do it and it isn’t probably very good but, hey, I tried…

I really love Akira’s long hair… I hope we see it in re:!! also, there are numbers on the painels because I’m a messy motherfucker u.u 

pls imagine Croque Monsieur as one of those really clingy and overprotective dads who always show off baby pictures of their kids to everyone they meet and boast 24/7 about how great and smart and cute their kid is

And whenever Tsukiyama showed interest in another person his dad had them secretly checked out just to make sure they were good enough for Tsukiyama