"I hate Paily"


"Paige and Emily have no chemistry"


"emaya was better"


"emily should have a hotter gf"


"but Paige-"


"but emily-"


what was that? I couldn’t hear you over the sound of Emily really loving Paige, Paige being a fucking prince and Paily being really really in love with eachother.

No more EMAYAN

What makes me more excited about Season 3 of Pretty Little Liars is Emily’s not going to see Maya anymore. I love Emily but I don’t like Maya, she’s sucks. Emily deserve better, maybe she should date a guy instead of any other girl but i guess it won’t happen, since Marlene King said that Emily still into a girl :(. Just share about my opinion,  we have any right to say anything that we want to say :)

anonymous said:

They didn´t but even XWP fandom has it´s Emisonians ;). There were (and maybe still is) a really big group of people whom just pushing Xena and Ares together, constantly ignorig everything what happend in the show (and I honestly hate shipping wars ever since). Gabrielle as part of the family, like sister... Pff yeah sure she was. - W

nope. Ares was like her best male friend. I never knew there were shipping wars til I took over the Army. Now I want to smack sense into some of the people who start stuff with me. Other times I want to just have a decent discussion with them and show both sides can get along even if we don’t agree. I haven’t blocked any Emisoff’s because the one’s I talk to are nice enough. 

Shit has only ever gotten horribly bad with Emayans. I do have a few of them blocked. for reasons. But the one main bitch always tweets Marlene asking stuff about PAILY! like she’s a fan! it pisses me off -.-