Hello.. Greeting from Indonesia. I’m Angeline Tan, 23 Years old from Indonesia.
i Love to make a lot of new friend from all around the world
i love listening to music, specially J-rock and Visual Kei
I also love to learn alot of foreign language and culture
i’m working as travel consultant.
If you want to know more about indonesia, or perhaps learning bahasa, don;t be hesitate to contact me.
i’m looking for email pal and also snailmail pal

just send me an email to tanjienio@yahoo.com and i will reply your email right away..
i’m looking forward to hear from you soon :D

I want and like people to talk to me, to tell me things about them, to listen to anyone who’s hanging by a thread, to help someone get over with someone, to rant about things that brought them frustrations, or to let them know that I’m always here, a random, lone, stranger who always has an open ear. 

MY life’s messed up, completely. I may not be able to solve my own problems and handle the demons inside me, but I want to help people with theirs. Maybe by helping them, by helping you, I might solve mine.

So please, don’t ever hesitate to hit ask. I’d love it if you would.