So, Elyf released the CAW files of Northvale, which is an edited version of her “University Made Homeworld” project, and I’ve been drooling over them ever since.  But I can’t do CAW for shit.  I muddled my way through enough to export the world so I can at least play with it.  The changes look great, go get the CAW files!

+Download CAW Files+

today was an amazing day. Thursdays are one of my busiest days ever and it got even busier with convocation but it was worth going. I am pumped ot work hard in school and  actually be the one on that stage on the next convocatiion.

Also, poeple around me made me feel so happy today. Even after blunders with names and messing up with food, everyone accepted me and made me feel amazing.

Its another feeling when people actually say kind words about you and it made my night tonight and i feel amazing

Week 36: We are 9 months! Time flies...

We’ve made it to the final month of our pregnancy!! The time has truly flown by and we’ve accomplished so much to prepare of our baby girl’s arrival. The main thing left is really to decide on a name and pack my hospital bag!

I’m currently 1cm dilated, 30% effaced and up 27lbs. Doc says we’re making great progress and wants me to keep active! I’m still making my commute to work and that helps with the amount of walking and stairs I need to take. This is probably the final week I’ll be doing classes with Mary. She’s 38 weeks now and has started to nest, this is her last week at work! I’ll try, but may not be motivated to continue classes on my own!


In other pregnancy news, cousin Shirl delivered this week! Elyf Ling Erdogan was born a healthy 8lbs 3oz!! She held her ground and came 3 days pass her due date on Sept 3. What a cutie <3<3<3. Can’t wait for the cousins to meet!


Talking about how time truly flies, also this week:

While going through some baby gear that Mary and Christian dropped off for us in Bellerose, I spotted this cutie and had to take the pic home with us. Hope our baby girl will be as cute as her father! LOVE