Who’s gonna fight for what’s right?
Who’s gonna help us survive?
We’re in the fight of our lives
And we’re not ready to die
Who’s gonna fight for the weak?
Who’s gonna make ‘em believe?
I’ve got a hero, I’ve got a hero
Living in me
I’m gonna fight for what’s right
Today I’m speaking my mind
And if it kills me tonight
I will be ready to die

Adventures || Lokisredledger


             Aralas had been working rather hard on trying to understand this completely new world. It was difficult for him to process as he had grown within the walls of a kingdom that was not as great as this one. He walked over to the palace, this palace being a rather large and tall building that scraped the sky. He looked up at it, getting many stares as he just stood in awe. He looked over at a human, trying to get their attention but failing. He sighed and tried again, this time he got their attention. “Mortal, can you tell me the name of this great land?” He asked with a rather unearthly sort of accent behind his voice. The woman looked at him strangely, seemingly wanting to run away, but didn’t. “You’re in London, love.” She said before giving an awkward smile and walking away.

"I’m in London."

Feline Problems || darkercarnival



'What just happened? I'm small… I can't stand…' Aralas had been cursed by a wizard. He would be turned into a kitten for a month, not able to communicate properly. Every word came out as if he was a feline. Surely it wasn’t possible? Was he really a kitten now? He sat on his hind end, looking down at his paws… PAWS?! Dammit….He huffed before beginning to try to walk down the busy street. So many damn people kept stopping to try and pet him, but he’d only nip back at them. He was beyond irritated at the moment. He just wanted to find a way home… maybe out of this damn pouring rain. 

Pouring rain was an understatement. It had to have been raining dogs and cats. His fur was soaked through to his skin. And he was cold, wet, miserable. He hadn’t eaten since at least the day before. It was just downright miserable. He found an alleyway, managing to curl up into a small shoe box. Though the cover wasn’t enough and he was still getting wet. His small body wouldn’t stop shivering for anything. He was getting incredibly frustrated. 

Headcanon || Eyes


Aralas’ eyes appear purple. They are a genetic affliction caused when he was forced to leave his realm. Also, he keeps his right eye covered because of a magical defect that caused that eye to be rendered nearly useless. Because of this, it appears to glow slightly when uncovered. 

Headcanon || Aralas, The Elven Prince

When it comes to Aralas, the prince can become very much like a kitten. So much, that he purrs in his sleep slightly. He’s very warm, keeping his body temperature at a higher above normal level, and he can even make small meowing-like sounds when he least expects it. It’s not all for show and it’s simply done automatically. 


Aralas Dawnstrider

Date Of Birth | Age: February 14th | Appears to be in his 20s. Actual; around 5,500 years old
Gender: Male
Race: Blood Elf
Height | Weight: 6’5” | 130 lbs
Hair | Eye Color: Black | Blue when in human form; Black when transformed.
Transformation: When transformed, he grows great horns, razor sharp claws, and has increased abilities. Such as, increased speed, strength, and VERY agile. It is because of this transformation that he was thrown out of his kingdom by the King and Queen, who were his own parents.
Drink | Smoke | Drugs: Yes | No | No
Parents: Gone
Siblings: None
Children: None
Sexual Orientation: Bi-sexual, but prefers men.

Fears | Secrets: None | He is an outcast from his own kind. Thrown out as a prince from his land to thrive on his own.
Scar | Tattoos | Piercings: None | One on his hip going up to his stomach and one on his bicep | Ears

Personality: Aralas is a very proud elf. He has been kicked down to the point of where most would not get back up, but he has. Losing his crown, his life, and even his kingdom made him stronger. He is not afraid to stand up for himself, and above all, fight against his own just to show how wrong they were to make him an outcast. When it comes to being spoken to, he is very kind-hearted. Though, he knows when to shove that aside and become quite the jerk.

Character song: ”Returner" by Gackt