i was TAGGED gasp

How many times have you been out of your state/province/whatever your country has? i go out of state all the time man
You get to stay on a desert island with one other person, dead or alive. Who do you choose? lindsey tbh
What would your dream Saint Nick stocking have in it? lindsey again omg
Top 3 bands? fleetwood mac, beatles, uhhhHHhh probably the who
Favorite album from band #2 in the list you made above? with the beatles!
If you could add one extra room to your house, what would it be? (it doesn’t have to be a normal one like an extra bedroom or game room, it could be something unusual like a marine mammal observation room or s/t like that idc) ooh probably a recording studio 
What is something you really like about tumblr? people
What is something you really dislike about tumblr? people
Have you accepted Alice Cooper as your lord and savior yet? amen
A celebrity/rock star/famous person you love to death but also really fuckin hate sometimes? lindsey motherfricking buckingham
You’re on death row and it’s time to start planning your last meal… what is it? the tears leonardo dicaprio has shed over not winning an oscar

I think one of the best conversations with a person I’ve had with was when me n liby were discussing how we had both been obsessed with mcr and at the beginning we were like “hahaha lmao we were so lame” but by the end it was like “*watching mama live from the house of blues* I L O VE THEM S OM UCH  THEY’RE FU CKIN AMAZING”