Songwriting is a competitive business, with each artist keen to prove that they’re more knowledgeable and artistic than their peers. So what better way to do that than to namecheck, or draw inspiration from, a respected book? In addition, usefully, it means that you don’t have to think too much about the lyrics - so that’s half your job done already. We’ve taken a look at 25 excellent examples where the world of music has been inspired by the world of literature. Cross-art-pollination ahoy. ____________________________________

Princess Diana and Elton John at the funeral of their friend,Gianni Versace, in July of 1997.

After a falling out Diana refused to speak to Elton John. According to him it was at the funeral where they patched things up. She had come alone and gone up to the pew he was sitting in and asked, “Is it okay if I sit next to you?” She comforted him as he cried and they started talking again. Elton says he is so grateful because had they not been reconciled  when she died a month later he would have never forgiven himself.

Elton John and Pete Townshend once caught the same flight on which they encountered some turbulences.
"have you heard that hysterical woman screaming during the turbulences?" Pete asked Elton John later when they had safely landed.
"Oh, that was me, Darling!" Elton replied.