I started on the actual sewing of the dress!!! Like I said in a previous post, I’m going to work on the bodice before I start on the skirt, that way if I need to make any changes or anything, I won’t have to re-do the skirt.

My pattern originally had the zipper in the center back, which was two pieces. I didn’t like that, so I made the back one piece (so I could do the embroidery) and I will put the zipper along the side. I think this will help with the fitting of the bodice, too.

Sorry about the bad lighting, it’s almost impossible to get a good picture inside at night.

I went to Mickey’s not so scary as Elsa ( of course )

you know you did well when kids want to take pictures with you and call you Elsa. It was a great night <3






i met some awesome frozen cosplayers and when they did this i asked for a video and i was shocked. but i was wondering why anna’s skirt was more poofy XD. 


Elsa’s Classroom Visit

Yesterday I visited all the 2nd grade classrooms at the school where my aunt is a second grade teacher! It was absolutely MAGICAL!!!

I went to 3 different classrooms (1 ½ classes in the first two and two classes in the last room) and did the same basic thing for all of them!

Let me preface the story with the fact that, particularly at this school every single kid sings Let it Go and knows Frozen and Elsa and everything to a T!!! Some of the teachers sing it with them at the end of the day for fun and at one point this group of first graders was walking by (they didn’t see me because i was up high and they were all walking in a line) spontaneously all singing “Let it go”- Basically Frozen is a big deal! Anyway…

My other aunt was with me as my helper so she went into the classroom and had the teacher set up the “Let it Go” video on youtube. The kids were majorly into it and singing along and everything- then when Elsa transforms into her ice dress, my aunt opened the door of the classroom and I came in! It was the cutest thing ever!!! The girls were all squealing and gasping and it was soooooo sweet!!! I talked to them a little bit and then read them The Snow Queen and Frozen (both of which were pretty short!) After the books, i answered some questions from the kids and then individually took photos with them, promising to print them out and autograph them to be returned to them the next day! Every single kid was so sweet and kind!

One of the cutest moments was when I was walking from one of the classrooms to another and it was recess time right outside the door!! One of the kids saw me and was like “who is that…?” and all of a sudden the kids started running towards me!!! There’s a photo above where you can see the group of kids get progressively bigger!!! The teacher was trying to hold them back, but i felt really bad that i wasn’t able to go to all the classes and do photos etc. so i wanted to do something quick and fun with them! They were all shouting questions at me so i began singing “Let it go” (bear in mind- i am not a singer…) they all joined in and it was soooooo cute!!! (i’ll post the 5 second video we got of it in a minute!)

For my aunt’s class, we decided to get a group photo so all the kids wanted to help me hold the cape! It was too precious!!!

It was an absolutely amazing experience and I would do it again in a second!!! I wish that i could have done more classes!!!

My next real appearance as Elsa will be Philly Comic Con on the 20th i think… I may also visit one of my coworkers cousins on her birthday party for a bit this weekend but we’ll see how that goes…

(BTW- my costume was not entirely finished here. I still need to glitter the undershirt, do the shoes, finish the bodice, and finish the hem of the train)


OKAY so when I finished my Elsa cosplay many people asked me why I didn’t get a white wig— well it’s because Elsa’s hair isn’t white. It’s Platinum Blonde.

In this scene, Anna’s hair is WHITE because she is freezing, and behind her you can see that Elsa’s hair is surely not white compared to Anna’s…

My wig still is a bit TOO blonde, but when Halloween roles around I’m buying some white spray hair color to dust over the blonde to get closer to Elsa’s blonde.

Still- Elsa’s hair is not white.


My Elsa Cosplay Part 14

WOW. So. Cape is completely GLITTERED!!!!!!

I was initially going to do the whole thing today, but my grandma’s flight ended up coming in (way) later than expected last night so my sister, my aunt, and i (the former who i forced to be my cape slaves and help me out a bit) began cutting the cape panels. GOOD THING.

We spent a little over 5 hours cutting the snowflakes out last night. Today we just needed to cut a couple more snowflakes out, attach the panels together, and cut the big snowflake out (at the top). we then placed the huge sheet (124” x 120”) on top of the net (which was, in turn, on top of plastic sheeting so we could easily peel it off when the glue dried) It was so delicate because there were so many tiny pieces of paper between big cut out snowflakes that could tear with the slightest jerk or wrong movement. STRESSFUL!!! we taped down (with double sided tape) the edges of the stencil that were curling up and the snowflakes and points in the big snowflake that needed to be added, and then i sprayed (with my 3M 77 Spray glue) and glittered (with my powder glitter and sifter/strainer thing) the whole thing! I was sooooo nervous about running out of glitter and we almost did… luckily i had just the right amount!!!

We spent about 3 hours completing the stencil, placing it on the cape, and doing the actual glitter process. It was grueling and exhausting and im so happy to be done with the worst part!!!

Unfortunately, the glitter i got for this round (the first time i was only able to get a little done because i ran out of glitter) wasn’t as iridescenty green as the first round was so the colors don’t match exactly- yikes!!! It’s quite close, but i still would have been so much happier if it really matched!

Tomorrow im going to cut the hem of the cape so it kind of follows the shape of the snowflakes (im going to do a little glitter border around the hem later- i forgot the glue at the office where i was glittering!) and i’m going to work on how im going to be attaching the cape to the bodice. I think i will use some kind of velcro so it’s sturdy, but i really want to avoid the cape looking “stuffed” into the back like the Disney parks one does… I also need to abridge the The Snow Queen book that i got and will be reading to the second grade class on tuesday! It’s this absolutely amazing pop up book, but way too many words for children’s attention span so i’m just gojng to read my shortened version of the story and have my aunt turn the pages for the class or something!!! 

Anyway- i’m just so insanely lucky to have had that huge clean empty building at my disposal over the weekend to work on this and my amazing team of family to help pull this off!!! It was a monumental effort and i’m soooo happy to be done!!!!

BTW- the gliter does shed (a lot) but i actually really love how it looks so i dont think i will do a top coat of glue on any of the areas to seal it in except possibly the long snowflake bits on the sides where my arms will be rubbing… we will see!!! :)

The Ultimate Elsa Tutorial Master List.


I was helping a friend find some good tutorials for her Elsa cosplay and decided to compile a list of the best WIPs and tutoriasl I have found around the internet. I will be updating and adding to it as I come across more.


This is quite possible the most beautiful and accurate Elsa bodice I’ve ever seen  http://rebloggy.com/post/disney-cosplay-frozen-nrcon-vinter-elsa-cosplay-adventures-with-dodger/76861447329 I did some hunting and found out it was crated by The Artfully Artful Dodger. If you go to her blog she has lots of WIP’s under her cosplay section  http://theartfullyartfuldodger.tumblr.com/  I believe the iridescent rectangles on the dress are made form  Shimmer Sheets in Turquoise and/or Blue Iridescent. If you follow the link it will take you to where it is sold http://www.ecraftdesigns.com/collections/shimmer-sheetz

The Plain Jane Costume Chronicles uses this same technique and has some more in depth descriptions of how to make the sequines: http://www.arrayedindreams.com/2014/02/18/making-sequinsspangles/

Edit 3/28/14   Michaele De Bruce from the Plain Jane Costume Chronicles contacted me with some clarifications and more suggestions.

  • I believe Artful Dodger used Athena Beads’ rectangle (and square) sequins in cornflower blue:) These sequins can be found on a few other whole sale sites but AB has a reasonable price on them. There is a discussion on them on Cosplay.com :)http://www.cosplay.com/showthr… (I’m Satine over there and Plain Jane in your links above and neimhaille here on Tumblr :) )
    I have seen others use cut down 20mm round sequins in the same shade, from the same seller. But so far I have only seen them share on relatively private media, so I don’t feel comfortable linking to them.
    This is one example of cutting down and sewing round sequins :

    :) I did find a few posts in the Disney thread on Cosplay.com, CelenaSardothen used 20mm round sequins and cut them by hand as well:








These two links are to the amzing emblished train that Angela Clayton made http://doxiequeen1.wordpress.com/2014/01/11/elsa-cosplaypart3/   http://doxiequeen1.wordpress.com/2014/02/02/the-making-of-elsa-frozen-part-four/

Katinka0921’s templates for the design:  http://katinka0921.deviantart.com/art/Elsa-Cape-Design-421658247








My favorite shoe tutorial  so far: http://www.plurk.com/p/jrlnuz

Another really good tutorial: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Elsa-Shoes-Tutorial-Eng-ver-433794818




Material Recommendations