I’m doing homework like the good little ELPer that I am and I start thinking to myself:

Me: Self, you should go on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.  Do the Homework later.

ELPer Sense: No, do the damned work and then go on the internet.

Me: NO!

~5 minutes later~

Now that I think on it, if Iron Bull was supposed to be raced gated along with Cullen and Solas, straight female gamers would have gotten shafted. Likely mostly dwarves. And as understand it, Cullen and Solas only have romances because DA: I was delayed a year. I don’t know what Bull would have been gated against, but we can assume at least elves and dwarves. If so, the breakdown would have looked like this:

Blackwall: All, as far as we know.
Iron Bull: Qunari and maybe humans only.
Cullen: Human and elves only.
Solas: Elves only (story reasons).

I really feel bad for lady-dwarves, they would have had only Blackwall unless Cullen had opened to them.

So if you’re a straight guy complaining, please don’t. And take it up with John Elper I guess, who made Iron Bull possible for everyone (YAY pansexual).

pierceaholic replied to your post:you know what i also realized? if they hadn’t gone…

And it means queer male dwarves would have had literally one option: Dorian.

YUP! I thought about that after my initial realization (admittedly, because I was mulling over who my first Inquisitor could’ve romanced in Elper hadn’t gone back and done the extra work) and I just have to wonder if they realized that at some point and were like “ummm maybe we need to change this ratio”.

unlikely, since I also get the idea that you’re doing it “wrong” in their eyes if you choose to make a dwarf PC. But still. 

whyswhoswhats replied to your post:you know what i also realized? if they hadn’t gone…

don’t quote me on this, but Bull was supposed to be available to only humans and Qunari at first before John Epler put in extra hours to fix that.

tbh that’s exactly the restriction that I’d been expecting back before he was confirmed as a LI at all, so I’m not surprised.

So that would’ve initially given female PCs a breakdown of: 

human: 4 (sera, blackwall, josephine, iron bull)

elf: 3 (sera, blackwall, josephine)

qunari: 4 (sera, blackwall, josephine, iron bull)

dwarf: 3 (sera, blackwall, josephine)

and now it’s: 

human: 5 (sera, blackwall, josephine, iron bull, cullen)

elf: 6 (sera, blackwall, josephine, iron bull, cullen, solas )

qunari: 4 (sera, blackwall, josephine, iron bull)

dwarf: 4 (sera, blackwall, josephine, iron bull)

good time to be an elf :\

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