It had been weeks. 

Three and a half weeks, almost a month. 

And wasn’t that always the problem with heroes, that they wanted to go off alone? 

That they thought they could do it all themselves?

That maybe, somehow, if they did so, it would reduce the casualties? The danger? 

It had been three and a half weeks, and Laura was living in hell. 

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The first thing Elodie noticed was that she wasn’t at her house. The second thing was that that it was actually dark. ” Great … just what I need. ” When she found the backpack she grumbled a little. There wasn’t even enough in it. But the sooner she found a way out the sooner she would be able to take a nice hot bath at home. While walking she said ” I hope that the person that decided this was a good idea never crosses me. ”


LaF not letting Perry change how they feel about their identity is very important 


Elodie Antoine (Belgium) - Nuclear landscape. Cloud. Black lace thread and pins (2007)

From what we know about the works of Elodie Antoine, she makes use of flexible materials such as thread, fabric, wallpaper, wool carpet and felt. She also works with everyday items : chairs, frames, sinks but always taking them beyond their limits. Elodie Antoine strives for taking complete possession of the space, placing objects in a way which seems as if they self-generated there. She uses textiles in order to create a universe made of organic and vegetable matter where all the items, with their peculiar shapes, seem to be in a state of progression. She explores the potential of materials by allowing them to multiply and outgrow in a way that is natural to them, but which she nonetheless cleverly controls. How about the bobbin lace depicting nuclear power stations, cranes or electricity pylons? (Read more)

© photo courtesy of Elodie Antoine

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