Anti-Discriminatory-Legislation Action


My name is Mr. Brendan James, and I hereby proclaim that one and all should join me in vocally and actively announcing to our government officials that we, as a community, will not tolerate the open discrimination of the LGBT folks who are our family and friends.

All of us can participate by simply calling and/or writing our city, state, and federal reps and telling them, plainly, that no laws shall be passed that allow/encourage the discrimination/abuse of LGBT members of our communities, and that others shall not be enabled to persecute them through law.

State plainly that your vote is contingent upon this. Thank them for their time.

Start here. At the top. ——v

Stand up for your brothers and sisters in your state and your city.

Write and call your alder and councilmen constantly.
Stay in the ear of your state rep and senator.
Fill your mayor’s inbox.

But always keep your voice of support loud.

Send the same email everyday.
Let’s drown them in our voice.


Everyday, tell someone you won’t let your government be a tool of hate.

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