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OHH YES V CLEVER NICKNAME I AM V ARIGATOUFUL. Ew you’re right tho I have a disgustingly popular name. Thas why I go by Eimes tho lmao yes go do that I double dog dare you

I would go out w shorts and sweater again, but I have no reason to go outside like? I don’t need anything from the store rn so.

And what go outside and come back in and have the front desk laugh at me? Haha. Yeah, I need a reason. UmU

And I meant like for me, I mean “Cori” is p common, at least on Tumblr so I can’t track it, so.

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is it just me or like. does it sometimes feel like the only kid at college who’s getting their ass kicked by college is me. everyone has time and looks stable enough to go out and. like?? why?? SLEEP??? S EL ELLP WHEN U CAN OH MY GOD

listen i’m getting my ass HANDED to me by school rn and last weekend these kids partied all night every night like do you even go here where is your HOMEWORK

it’s literally past 4am and I’m still working I think I’m just pissy bc whoever they are aren’t feeling thEIR SOUL DISINTEGRATE INSIDE THEM AS THEY WATCH THE SUN RISE AND THEIR OPPORTUNITY FOR SLEEP FALL AWAY….shoulda been a drama major or s/t

ok but maybe they’re …. vampires? they sleep by day and live by night??? that’s plausible right



REPRESENT introduces you to Keyven Chauque, artistically addressed as Keybeatz, a 20-year-old music producer. It was 2009 when Keybeatz first gave it a try just for fun but headed to 2011 where he decided to take it serious. He used to be part of rap trio called NEW MUNDO in which he worked with Micklass and GIGABYTE, who used to make instrumentals too.
The last song he released before resigning from the microphones was Time Is Over which has Mark Exodus’ participation, resultant of a positive feedback being a story that related to people’s experiences.

He tells REPRESENT of his love for Mozambican music and amongst the genres Kizomba, Hip Hop, RnB and Jazz are his favourites. He is a fan of the rappers: Hernani da Silva, Lay Low and J. Cole.
He is inspired by the following producers: EllP, Kae Em, BeatService, Ryan Leslie, Cardiak, Justice League, J. Cole, Travis Scott, Profless and KrazyBeats.

In 2013 he received an offer to join a well-known group, BEATSERVICE where had a short stay.
Though he has made many productions of Rap and HipHop he also does of other music genres like Kizomba/Zouk, Deep, Afro, Afro Deep House which will soon be available.
He has worked with various rappers and groups i.e. rappers from Sameblood, crBoy, Blake, Money Is The Blood, Brand New (Fillas & Sinal – ErKay), Dj Rash, Htd, Micklass, Dj Dilson, Kae Em, Exodus and the list unfolds into a distance.

Keybeatz has produced the great track: Ana Maria of DJ Dilson and is currently involved in many other great projects to be available soon.

Reach out for him through the following:
E-mail: ReakKeybeatz@gmail.com
Soundcloud: Realkeybeatz ( https://soundcloud.com/realkeybeatz )
Facebook: Realkeybeatz ( https://facebook.com/realkeybeatz )
Twitter:  @key_beatz